Baconsale Episode 45: It Was the Best of Pictures, It Was the Worst of Pictures

Film snobs unite! There are 87 Academy Award winners for Best Picture so far, and Kent, Joel and Jacob have watched each and every one of them so you don’t have to. In this episode, we’re bringing our top five Best Picture picks and our bottom five Best Picture picks to the table. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we argue and sometimes Jacob explains WAY too much of the plot. Join us as we guide you through the minefield of Oscar-winning films and let you know which ones to watch and which ones to avoid — because, you know, the Academy doesn’t always get it right.

12 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 45: It Was the Best of Pictures, It Was the Worst of Pictures

  1. I remember seeing American Beauty’s cover in Hollywood video back when I was like.. nine or ten.. and thinking “Why did they give best picture to a dirty movie?”. I didn’t realize it was released the same year as: the matrix, the sixth sense, the green mile, fight club, and Toy Story 2… lets be honest, woody and buzz should have gotten best picture that year. Admit it Joel! “When Somebody Loved Me” still brings tears to your eyes! Far and away the best film made that year… (I’m kidding… kidding.. don’t ban me.. Honestly though, how did it beat out all those awesome movies?)

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    1. To be honest, Toy Story 2 is my least favorite of that series. But I still think it’s a better movie than American Beauty (which IS a dirty movie 😉 ).


      1. No, you’re right. American Beauty came out in 1999 and was the Best Picture for that year, even if the Academy Awards aired in 2000.


  2. I listen to the whole show, except for that 8 bit music track. As soon as that starts, I turn it off. I know it’s hard work to put it together, but that 8 bit music really annoys me.


    1. Thanks Yancy, way to hate on something awesome. How can you not love Joel singing the Gladiator theme song with a tiny 8-bit orchestra playing in the background? (Honestly, I’ve only listened to the 8-bit a couple of times. Some of them are cool, like the Zombie one was sweet.)

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      1. Spoiler alert! At the time I wrote the above comment I had not yet listened to to this whole episode. I was saying that in the past I don’t listen to the 8 bit music. Now that I already know what the 8 bit music is going to be at the end, I’m not sure I will listen this time either. But thank you for validating my opinion.


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