BaconBit: And the 2018 Oscar Winners Are…

Now that the 90th Academy Awards are over and done with, it’s time for Kent and Joel to compare their answers and see who got the most right and who wins the coveted Caveman Burger. But wait! What’s this? Jacob has submitted answers as well? And he had over a week and a half longer than the other two to prepare his ballot? Hmmmm, that seems a little shady…

Press play to hear us discuss the lowest-rated Oscars in broadcast history!

Baconsale Episode 68: This Show Is Overrated!

Get ready, The Listener, because you’re about to experience the best episode of Baconsale, nay, the best episode of any podcast, ever! Ok, that may be overselling it, but today we’re talking about overrated stuff. We’ve created a list of random categories (such as fast-food restaurants, superhero TV shows, horror movies, 90s bands, video games, albums and more) and it’s up to Kent and Joel to offer their vote for the most overrated person, place or thing in each category.

We know we’re going to tick some people off with our answers, but, hey, that’s what Baconsale does best!

BaconBit: And the Winner Is…

Now that the Oscars are over and people are done talking about it, Joel and Kent are finally ready to discuss the 88th Academy Awards. And since we made predictions three episodes ago, it’s time to see who won the Baconsale Oscar ballot contest, too.

SPOILER ALERT: It’s not Jacob. He didn’t win. He didn’t even make any real predictions on the show. Nope. No matter what he says may or may not have happened outside of the show, he did not win our official Baconsale Oscar predictions contest. No, he did not.

And here is the link for our GoFundMe campaign to help us meet Kate Beckinsale at Salt Lake Comic Con:

Baconsale Episode 45: It Was the Best of Pictures, It Was the Worst of Pictures

Film snobs unite! There are 87 Academy Award winners for Best Picture so far, and Kent, Joel and Jacob have watched each and every one of them so you don’t have to. In this episode, we’re bringing our top five Best Picture picks and our bottom five Best Picture picks to the table. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we argue and sometimes Jacob explains WAY too much of the plot. Join us as we guide you through the minefield of Oscar-winning films and let you know which ones to watch and which ones to avoid — because, you know, the Academy doesn’t always get it right.

Baconsale Episode 44: And the Nominees Are…

Kent and Joel go full film geek as they make their predictions for the 88th Academy Awards. Sometimes they go with their heart and pick what they want to win, other times they go with their head and pick what they think the Academy will choose and sometimes they just make wild guesses based on how the title sounds. Even if you’re not a fan of the Oscars, we do our best to entertain, even when discussing the throwaway categories that no one really cares about.

We’ve also included an “In Memoriam” section, where we leave out important and relevant people, just like the real Academy Awards!

Here is the link for that Quick Wits Kickstarter project Joel was talking about:

And here is a printable bracket for your own Oscar predictions: