Baconsale Episode 94: 2017 Oscar Predictions

It’s time to put on our snooty film geek hats and try to predict the winners of the 89th Academy Awards. Kent, Joel and Jacob (Jackie?) have done some actual research and are going to discuss who deserves the Oscar for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Picture and, yes, Best Documentary Short Subject! We do our best to keep things interesting for those of you who don’t care about the Oscars, so we’ve even added some music clips, an “In Memoriam” section and plenty of pointless, yet stupid facts.

So print out your own Oscars bracket below, press play and join us as we make our 2017 Oscar predictions!

Printable Oscar Ballot: http://sugarandcharm.com/downloads/sugar-and-charm-oscar-ballot-2017.pdf


Baconsale Episode 93: The Psychology of Love

Love is a many-splendored thing, so it’s time for Baconsale to discuss this enigmatic emotion with our good friend, Dr. Matthew Woolley, Ph.D. And while you may think that all you need is love, Dr. Matt is here to tell us what is love and how to differentiate it from infatuation and/or drug use. We also talk about Valentine’s Day, romantic comedies, love languages, social media, discarded chocolates and what happens when a man loves woman. Things may get real at times, but then Kent rubs Joel’s shoulder and everything just gets awkward.

So press play and remember that everything we do, we do it for you, The Listener.


Baconsale Episode 92: Winter of Our Discontent

Okay, Listener, rise and shine, and don’t forget your booties ’cause it’s cooooold out there today! We’re talking about winter in this episode. Kent, Joel and Jacob each share their memories of past winters and discuss their favorite/least favorite things about the season of snow, frost, ice, parkas, sledding and inversion. Kent leaves a friend to die in a snow cave. Joel is an arrogant winter walker. And sassy Jacob goes to extreme measures to prevent frostbite.

So grab your favorite blanket, curl up by a warm fire, sip some hot cocoa (NOT WASSAIL!) and enjoy this latest episode of Baconsale.


Baconsale Episode 91:Baconsale-Approved Movie Theater Etiquette

It’s time to kick off your shoes and enjoy our latest episode. Well, maybe you’d better keep your shoes on, because we’re talking about movie theater (theatre?) etiquette. We discuss cell phones, we debate about loud talking and we chat about bringing noisy little kids to R-rated horror films. We also argue about your suggestions regarding stinky food, bathroom breaks, candy wrappers, PDAs and more basic guidelines for going to the movies.

So whether you go to the Cinemark, the Megaplex, AMC or Regal Cinemas, press play and let us teach you some lessons on basic human decency at the movie theatre (theater?)!


Baconsale Episode 90: 2017 Prediction Extravaganza

Let’s leave 2016 behind us, shall we? It’s time for Baconsale to look into the future and talk about what we’re excited for (and what we’re dreading) in the year 2017. During this episode, we recap our predictions from last year, and then we discuss which movies we’re excited to see this year. We also predict celebrity deaths, TV shows that will be rebooted and the sexiest man alive. Plus, Jacob and Joel do their best to get Kent to Hulk out and be the villain, and we have a lively debate about the sound Wolverine’s claws.

Press play and see what this new year has to offer you!


BaconBit: Split Review

Hello, our name is Baconsale. We think that M. Night Shyamalan’s new movie Split is good, but not as good as his last movie, The Visit. nO! We’rE wRoNG! sPLIT IS BEttER THAn tHE vISIT! eSPECIaLLY THAT PART WHERE jAMES mCaVOY BEGINS TO CH- No! No spoilers! At least not for the first 13 minutes. And, even then, let’s not give away any major spoilers so that The Listener can enjoy those parts like we did. cAN wE aT LEAsT saY ThAT If yOU LIkE sHYAmALAN’S OLd MOViEs LIke UNBREAKABLE, sIGns AnD thE sIxTH sEnSe YOu’LL PRObAbLY LIkE ThIS onE? Yes. We think we can say that.


Baconsale Episode 89: Best & Worst Movies of 2016-ish

We’ve recovered from the Amish incident in our last show, and we’re ready to begin Baconsale season three! And, once again, we’re starting off the new season with our best and worst movie picks from last year. Kent picks movies that were released in 2016, and Joel picks movies that he watched for the first time during the past year, which may or may not include films actually released in 2016. It’s fun for the whole family (except when Kent is talking about The Neon Demon) on this episode of Baconsale!


Baconsale Episode 88: Season Two Legit to Quit

As the year comes to a close, it’s time to take a quick look back at our second season of Baconsale. We talk about some guests we’d like to have back on, some shows we’d like to redo and some of our favorite moments of this season (like when we met Kate Beckinsale — remember that? We sure do!). Plus, we offer up some behind-the-scenes insights into creating our podcast.

WARNING: It gets a little warm and fuzzy at times. However, after the kind of year 2016 has been, we think we could all use something a little warm and fuzzy, don’t you?

Press play and enjoy our season finale of Baconsale!


BaconBit: Rogue One Review

This is a rebellion isn’t it? We rebel. And we’re also ready to review Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Will this spin-off of the franchise set between the prequels and the sequels win the hearts of Kent, Joel and Jacob? Or will Baconsale want to charge up the Death Star and obliterate the tale of Jyn Erso? There’s only one way to find out (or two, if you count Kent’s review on Radio Ronin) — click play now!

The first 11 minutes are SPOILER-FREE! We even reigned Kent in with his plot descriptions for that part.


Baconsale Episode 87: Christmas Showdown – Die Hard vs. Lethal Weapon

On this week’s episode, Baconsale takes on two of the greatest 80s action flicks of all time: Lethal Weapon and Die Hard. However, we’re not discussing which film is better. Instead, Kent and Joel are debating which movie is more Christmas-y. They’ve each picked a side, they’ve done their research and they’ve taken notes on all of the Christmas music, all of the Christmas decorations, all of the Christmas themes and all of the cocaine the looks like snow. Kent gets a little mainstream, Joel gets a little emotional and now it’s time for you to have yourself a merry little podcast.