Baconsale Episode 177: Scary Stories Told in the Dark

It was a dark and stormy night in the Baconcave, so we decided to share some of our favorite selections from Alvin Schwartz’s notorious children’s book series, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Kent and Joel take turns reading such classic tales as “The Hook,” “The Babysitter,” “The Haunted House” and “The Ghost with the Bloody Fingers,” all while trying their best to not be freaked out by Stephen Gammell’s horrific illustrations and Jacob’s indifferent attitude.

Dim the lights, gather ’round the campfire, and press play to enjoy some fantastically freaky Halloween folklore!

BaconBit: First Man Review

5….4….3….2….1….Blast off! Kent and Joel saw First Man, the Neil Armstrong biopic, and they’re ready to let you know what they think about it. Will Ryan Gosling’s good looks and Damien Chazelle’s directing win Kent over? Does Joel feel like the film is unpatriotic? Can there be any spoilers for a historically-based movie about the first man to walk on the moon?

Press play and find out! And, for some reason, the first part is spoiler-free.

Baconsale Episode 176: What We Record in the Shadows

Don’t be frightened, children of the night. Ve vant to tell you about vampires! Baconsale has done a lot of research about blood-sucking demons, and we’re bringing a lot of new facts and folklore into the light of day. We’ll discuss what causes vampirism, how to tell if you’re a vampire, and how to kill undead coffin-dwellers. We’re also ready to share with you our Baconsale-approved vampire movies, including everything from Nosferatu to Dracula Untold.

Babe! I need you to press play on our latest Halloween episode!

BaconBit: Venom Review

The world has enough superheroes and not enough podcasters critiquing superhero movies. In this BaconBit, Baconsale is ready to review Venom, starring Logan Marshall-Green- uh, we mean, Tom Hardy. But will this movie be dark enough for Kent, even though it’s not rated R? And will Joel be satisfied with a Venom movie that doesn’t have Spider-Man in it? As always, the first part of our review is spoiler-free.

We are Baconsale. Press play before we bite your head off!

Baconsale Episode 175: The Men Who Knew Too Much (About Hitchcock)

Good evening. And welcome to another episode of Baconsale Presents. Tonight, we are here to present to you horrific tales of Sabotage, mistaken identity and Murder! from one of the most Notorious filmmakers of our time, Alfred Hitchcock. I Confess that Kent and Joel went a little Psycho and watched all 53 of the iconic director’s films, and they’re now ready to give their recommendations, along with some Suspicious history about the Master of Suspense.

Without a Shadow of a Doubt, you should get over your Stage Fright and press play!

Baconsale Episode 174: Robot Roll Call

h3ll0, hum4n5. On this episode of Baconsale, we’re talking about our favorite robots, cyborgs, androids and all forms of fictional artificial intelligence from movies & television. This category show came from the CPU of Ryan Ferrin, who is also our guest on this show. Interface with us as we select picks for such categories as best in a fight, most impressive A.I., mech suit we’d like to wear, and most likely to take over the earth.

Press play to launch episode.

Baconsale Episode 173: The United States of Filmerica

From the lakes of Minnesota, to the hills of Tennessee, across the plains of Texas, from sea to shining sea, there’s a film set in every American state, and it’s time for Baconsale to say which one is the best representation of the land and the people it comes from. And just to make sure we don’t get lost on this road trip, we’re only giving ourselves one minute per debate. After all, we have 50 of these states to get through.

Press play to hear what is declared as the official movie is for your state!

Click here to download a high-resolution version of our official United States of Filmerica map.

Baconsale Episode 172: Honey Nut Tieerios

Snap! Crackle! Pop! Baconsale is diving back into the bowl to rank “non-sugary” cereals—the type that you could actually convince your mother to buy when you were a kid. And as we tier each high-fiber, all-natural, whole-grain part of a balanced breakfast, we’ll offer you two scoops full of interesting facts, such as the real reason Corn Flakes were created, what shape Cheerios are, the dark past of Wheat Chex, and who was crazy enough to invent Grape Nuts.

Press play to find out why this podcast is kid tested, mother approved!

Baconsale Episode 171: End of 2018 Movie Preview

After a mediocre cinematic summer, Baconsale is looking to the movies of this September, October, November and December to save 2018. However, in a bizarre reversal of roles, Kent ends up picking mainstream sequels to reboots of spin-offs while Joel chooses the hipster films. Join us as we go deeper than Aquaman to let you know what’s coming to theaters near you this year.

Press play to hear what we want to see and what we want to bomb!

Baconsale Episode 170: We Ate Everything at Burger King

Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, menu quests they don’t upset us! Well, maybe they do. Because now that we’ve eaten every single item on the Burger King menu, we’ve got a few things to say about the fast food monarch. We’ll discuss random restaurant franchise facts in this Whopper of an episode, and then we’ll pick winners & losers for such categories as best breakfast, guilty pleasure, biggest surprise and worst value menu item. We don’t always agree, but that just makes things more interesting.

Don’t be a subservient chicken, press play and have it your way!