Baconsale Episode 182: Woman Crush Wednesday (on a Monday)

Hey fellas! Since we did a Man Crush show earlier this year, we felt it was only fair to give the ladies equal time. So, on this episode Baconsale, we’re going to talk about our favorite females. We also brought back Lindsay, a real-live woman, onto the show to keep us in check and make sure we don’t cross any lines, such as Kent saying one of his picks has a “broken rodent face.” Listen as we crown such categories as Girl Next Door, Classically Beautiful, Best Smile, Most Attractive Musician and Hottest Hero.

Press play to hear us try our best to not have Kate Beckinsale win every single category.

BaconBit: Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Review

Join Kent, Joel and Jacob as we talk about Newt, Tina, other Jacob, Queenie, Credence, Leta, Theseus, Nagini, Yusuf, Abernathy, McGonagall, Bunty, Dumbledore, Grindelwald and every other character and storyline they crammed into this sequel to the spin-off of the Harry Potter franchise. Joel didn’t feel the last Fantastic Beasts movie deserved to be part of the Wizarding World, but will this one change his mind? And were Kent and Jacob able to stay awake during the screening?

Press play to hear our review of this movie. The first 13 minutes are spoiler free!

Baconsale Episode 181: Tournament of 80s One-Hit Wonders

Ohhhhh yeeeeeah! Believe It or Not, Baconsale is Puttin’ on the Ritz and doing an 80s one-hit wonder tournament. We’ve created a bracket of new wave, rock and pop tunes that’ll make you want to Party All the Time, even if you don’t remember who the artist is. It Takes Two votes to make a song Breakout to the next round. The tournaments may be our Obsession, but we’re only advancing one round on this episode. We’ll take a Buffalo Stance and declare an ultimate winner next time.

Relax. All I Need is for you to press play!

Print Your Own 80s One-Hit Wonder Bracket

Baconsale Episode 180: 20 Cinematic Questions with Casey

Casey Smith had an idea. He wanted to know if Kent and Joel could guess what movie he was thinking of through a simple game of 20 questions, so we invited him to join us on this episode to give it a shot. What we found out is that Jacob likes to pick obscure movies, Joel doesn’t have a good poker face and Kent is fiercely competitive when his film cred is on the line.

Press play to see if our patron can stump Baconsale!

BaconBit: The Haunting of Hill House Review

We couldn’t let this Halloween season pass without discussing one of the most talked about Netflix series of the year, The Haunting of Hill House. If you haven’t heard about it, all you need to know is that it stars Carla Gugino and that kid from E.T., and apparently it’s so scary that it makes people pass out. Kent, Joel and Jacob watched it, regained consciousness and now they’re ready to talk about what they thought about this ghostly family drama. And if you haven’t seen it, don’t worry, the first 16 minutes are spoiler free.

Don’t look now, but The Bent-Neck Lady is standing right behind you and she wants you to press play.

Baconsale Episode 179: Choose Your Own Fast Food Nightmare

As we’re wrapping up the Halloween season, Baconsale decided to take a journey into one of the most disturbing places of all: Jacob’s mind. Jacob has written another Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-style game and is placing Joel and Kent in the middle of the horrifying action. Listen as they make dangerous decisions with each roll of the die and battle iconic movie monsters and a demented fast food mascot in a parallel reality.

My dear demon, be my listener now, I plead. Press play!

BaconBit: A Nightmare on Burger Street

As soon as Burger King announced their Nightmare King—a green hamburger that is reported to cause bad dreams—we knew we had to try it. We also threw in the Frozen Fanta Scary Black Cherry slushie, just for good measure. But will these creepy fast food concoctions invade our peaceful slumber? Or is the only scary thing how many calories they have in them?

Press play to hear everything (and we mean everything) about what happened after we ate this Halloween-themed burger.

Baconsale Episode 178: Return to Pitch Mountain

WARNING! If this episode gets out of hand, it’s not our fault. We asked you, the listener, to send in horror movie pitches and the results were…interesting. We got everything from horrifying tales of skinwalkers to strange stories about singing CPR dummies. And after reading (and sometimes mocking) each pitch, Kent, Joel and Jacob are going to decide if the project gets green-lit or not.

Press play to join us in your descent into madness!

Baconsale Episode 177: Scary Stories Told in the Dark

It was a dark and stormy night in the Baconcave, so we decided to share some of our favorite selections from Alvin Schwartz’s notorious children’s book series, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Kent and Joel take turns reading such classic tales as “The Hook,” “The Babysitter,” “The Haunted House” and “The Ghost with the Bloody Fingers,” all while trying their best to not be freaked out by Stephen Gammell’s horrific illustrations and Jacob’s indifferent attitude.

Dim the lights, gather ’round the campfire, and press play to enjoy some fantastically freaky Halloween folklore!

BaconBit: First Man Review

5….4….3….2….1….Blast off! Kent and Joel saw First Man, the Neil Armstrong biopic, and they’re ready to let you know what they think about it. Will Ryan Gosling’s good looks and Damien Chazelle’s directing win Kent over? Does Joel feel like the film is unpatriotic? Can there be any spoilers for a historically-based movie about the first man to walk on the moon?

Press play and find out! And, for some reason, the first part is spoiler-free.