Baconsale Episode 75: The Baconsale Pitch Project

As we all know, most franchise reboots are the spawn of Satan himself sent to ruin movies and destroy lives. However, some sequels (like Mad Max: Fury Road and Jurassic World) have helped to revitalize an otherwise dead film series.Therefore, much to Kent’s delight, he and Joel have each been tasked to come up with three sequel pitches that could resurrect an old franchise, if only Hollywood would listen. While Jacob spends most of the time complaining about how Sam Raimi pronounces his name and how he missed out on a certain comedy/horror movie during his childhood.

Also, WARNING: We say “hell” a lot in this episode. However, don’t worry, we’re mostly talking about the place, so it’s in context and Joel still considers it family friendly.


Baconsale Episode 74: Soundtrack and Feels

Hear that? That’s the sound of Kent and Joel discussing great movie music. They spend the first little bit arguing about scores versus soundtracks, actually, but then they get into the categories such as the best animated score, iconic 90s soundtrack, the film soundtrack everyone had and the best scores from John Williams and Danny Elfman (or Elf-Man, as Jacob calls him).

Don’t be a moron goose, press play and listen to the soothing sounds of Baconsale!


Baconsale Episode 73: The Pilot Program

Because the fall season is fast approaching, Baconsale is ready to talk about their favorite pilots! Amelia Earhart, Charles Lindbergh, Chelsey Sullenberger….wait, I am being informed that they are actually talking about TV show pilots (yes, that joke get used A LOT in this episode). Kent, Joel and Jacob have each prepared their lists of the top five television pilots of all time, and yet they spend a bunch of time talking about our restroom etiquette show and Jennifer Garner’s wigs.

Will their picks for the best TV series pilot match up? Or will Kent only choose random hipster shows that no one has ever heard of? Press play and give us the green light to entertain you!


Baconsale Episode 72: Baconsale-Approved Restroom Etiquette

To kick off a potential series of etiquette-related episodes, we decided to first come up with a list of Baconsale-approved public restroom rules that everyone should follow. Kent, Joel and Jacob (but mostly Kent) discuss proper protocol and pet peeves in the men’s room. Plus, they even talk about generally accepted behavior for the women’s restroom, as well, with the help of our female listener.

Why did we choose to start this series with a bathroom episode? Well, that was Kent’s idea. However, Joel gave Kent strict orders to stay away from toilet humor — which is ironic considering Joel is the one who ends up crossing the line of family friendliness at one point.

So whether you’re listening to this episode in the bathroom, the restroom, the water closet or the powder room, enjoy the acoustics of this episode of Baconsale!


Baconsale Episode 71:End of 2016 Movie Preview

With a mediocre summer movie season winding to a close, it’s time for Baconsale to look to the future and discuss the rest of the films coming out in 2016. ‪#‎CreepyKent‬ is off in la la land picking hipster choices, Joel is distracted by Halloween and Jacob is sewing his Amish roots back home, so he’s not even there. No worries, though, we brought on our good friend Sean Peek to fill in for him.

So press play and find out what films we’re looking forward to during the fall and winter of 2016, which movies we want to bomb and if Kent still dares to be the villain.


Baconsale Episode 70: Mary Lou Retton and the Golden Snitch

On your mark, get set, podcast! We go for the gold this time and get a real, live sports radio personality to join us! Alex Kirry from KSL is here to challenge Joel and Kent in an Olympic challenge! We’re not doing anything that would be physically challenging, though, that would be ridiculous. Instead, Jacob has created a quiz to test the others’ knowledge of the Olympics. Along the way, we learn a thing or two about Quidditch, poodle clipping and Indian clubs.

So press play and do your nation proud by listening to this episode of Baconsale!


Baconsale Episode 69: Suicide Squad Review

We’ve been talking about this movie since the very first episode of Baconsale, and now the time is finally here for us to review Suicide Squad. As always, Mr. J, Mr. J and Mr. K start off with a spoiler-free review. It’s not until around 30 minutes in that we get into spoiler territory.

Is Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn everything we dreamed she would be? Where does Jared Leto fall in the ranking of actors who play The Joker? Is Will Smith too Will Smith-y for his role as Deadshot? Find out all this and more by pressing play on this episode of Baconsale!


Baconsale Episode 68: This Show Is Overrated!

Get ready, The Listener, because you’re about to experience the best episode of Baconsale, nay, the best episode of any podcast, ever! Ok, that may be overselling it, but today we’re talking about overrated stuff. We’ve created a list of random categories (such as fast-food restaurants, superhero TV shows, horror movies, 90s bands, video games, albums and more) and it’s up to Kent and Joel to offer their vote for the most overrated person, place or thing in each category.

We know we’re going to tick some people off with our answers, but, hey, that’s what Baconsale does best!


Baconsale Episode 67: Pokémon – Gotta Teach ‘Em All!

We wanna be the very best and understand Pokémon, which is why we’ve invited Collin Willams, the Poké Professor onto our show — and it’s super effective! Collin begins at the basics of Pokémon (for Joel’s sake), and then talks about how it went from a simple role-playing video game about pocket monsters to the augmented reality mobile app and worldwide phenomenon it has become. Along the way, we learn some tips and tricks about how to play Pokémon GO and we learn about how we’re all geeks in one form or another.

So yell “Baconsale, I choose you!” and fling your Poké Ball at your screen to get started…or just press play.

Collin’s Pokemon Go Guides:
Collin’s Ingress Site:
Collin’s Comedy Page:


Baconsale Episode 66: All-Female Ghostbusters’ All-Male Review

The power of Patty compels you to listen to this podcast!

Kent, Joel and Jacob must be chauvinist, misogynist sexists because, in this episode, they dare to objectively question whether the 2016 reboot of Ghostbusters is a good film or not. However, this is so much more than a simple movie review. In fact, we spend the first half of this episode talking about the controversy surrounding this remake and we discuss what films should never be remade. It’s not until around the 38-minute mark that we actually begin our spoiler-free review of the new Ghostbusters film and it’s not until 54 minutes in that we get into spoiler territory.

So even if you haven’t seen the movie yet, you can still enjoy the majority of this episode of Baconsale. If you don’t enjoy it, then you obviously hate men.