Baconsale Episode 101: Documentary Starter Kit

And here we have Baconsale in its natural habitat: talking about movies. Not just any movies, though. They seem to be discussing documentaries. Kent, the critic of this species, has joined with Joel, the dominant comedian, to create a list of 10 non-fiction films that will help people understand that the word “documentary” does not necessarily mean that the movie will be boring or dry. In fact, they seem to have piqued the interest of a nearby creature named Jacob – a reluctant observer.

Let’s listen and see what happens.

Baconsale Episode 96: Hipster Flick Picks

Have you heard of this podcast called Baconsale? It’s this cool, out-of-the-way podcast not many people know about. Anyway, Kent, Joel and Jacob — totally obscure guys — are the hosts and, in this episode, they’re discussing films you’ve probably never heard of. Well, they’re hoping you’ve never heard of them, because they’re each recommending four films to you. Why four? Because three and five are so mainstream.

Below are the movies they recommend in the episode. If you want to know why they think you would enjoy these films, you’ll have to press play and listen.


Red Riding Trilogy (2009)
Song of the Sea (2014)
The One I Love (2014)
Fish Story (2009)

Waking Ned Devine (1998)
The Fall (2006)
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (2002)
Steamboat Bill, Jr. (1928)

It Happened One Night (1934)
Kingdom of Heaven – Director’s Cut (2005)
Rope (1948)
The Rundown (2003)

Baconsale Episode 91:Baconsale-Approved Movie Theater Etiquette

It’s time to kick off your shoes and enjoy our latest episode. Well, maybe you’d better keep your shoes on, because we’re talking about movie theater (theatre?) etiquette. We discuss cell phones, we debate about loud talking and we chat about bringing noisy little kids to R-rated horror films. We also argue about your suggestions regarding stinky food, bathroom breaks, candy wrappers, PDAs and more basic guidelines for going to the movies.

So whether you go to the Cinemark, the Megaplex, AMC or Regal Cinemas, press play and let us teach you some lessons on basic human decency at the movie theatre (theater?)!

Baconsale Episode 89: Best & Worst Movies of 2016-ish

We’ve recovered from the Amish incident in our last show, and we’re ready to begin Baconsale season three! And, once again, we’re starting off the new season with our best and worst movie picks from last year. Kent picks movies that were released in 2016, and Joel picks movies that he watched for the first time during the past year, which may or may not include films actually released in 2016. It’s fun for the whole family (except when Kent is talking about The Neon Demon) on this episode of Baconsale!

Baconsale Episode 86: Toy Stories

We don’t want to grow up, we are Toys R Us kids! And in this episode we’re talking about our favorite toys, trinkets, playthings and, yes, even dolls from our childhood. Kent and Joel have created a list of their top five favorite gifts they received in the 80s and 90s, as well as the presents they wish Santa had given them — while Jacob’s mind is blown that there were things other than sticks and rocks for children to play with back then.

So whether you played with Barbie, G.I. Joe, My Little Pony, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, press play to enjoy this nostalgic episode of Baconsale!

Baconsale Episode 82: Fictional Political Discourse

The time has come for us to discuss politics…in our own Baconsale way, that is. And since we don’t know that much about actual politicians, Kent and Joel are each campaigning for fictional characters they picked from film and television. They’ve grouped these candidates into two groups: best president, best vice president and best first lady as well as the worst president, worst vice president and worst first lady. Not gonna lie, it gets pretty geeky at times.

Also, you can rest assured that during this episode we will not even mention the names of certain real-life presidential candidates that we’re all tired of hearing about lately. We swore an oath.

Get your ballot ready, step into the listening booth and get ready to vote for your favorites!

Baconsale Episode 73: The Pilot Program

Because the fall season is fast approaching, Baconsale is ready to talk about their favorite pilots! Amelia Earhart, Charles Lindbergh, Chelsey Sullenberger….wait, I am being informed that they are actually talking about TV show pilots (yes, that joke get used A LOT in this episode). Kent, Joel and Jacob have each prepared their lists of the top five television pilots of all time, and yet they spend a bunch of time talking about our restroom etiquette show and Jennifer Garner’s wigs.

Will their picks for the best TV series pilot match up? Or will Kent only choose random hipster shows that no one has ever heard of? Press play and give us the green light to entertain you!

Baconsale Episode 72: Baconsale-Approved Restroom Etiquette

To kick off a potential series of etiquette-related episodes, we decided to first come up with a list of Baconsale-approved public restroom rules that everyone should follow. Kent, Joel and Jacob (but mostly Kent) discuss proper protocol and pet peeves in the men’s room. Plus, they even talk about generally accepted behavior for the women’s restroom, as well, with the help of our female listener.

Why did we choose to start this series with a bathroom episode? Well, that was Kent’s idea. However, Joel gave Kent strict orders to stay away from toilet humor — which is ironic considering Joel is the one who ends up crossing the line of family friendliness at one point.

So whether you’re listening to this episode in the bathroom, the restroom, the water closet or the powder room, enjoy the acoustics of this episode of Baconsale!

Baconsale Episode 71:End of 2016 Movie Preview

With a mediocre summer movie season winding to a close, it’s time for Baconsale to look to the future and discuss the rest of the films coming out in 2016. ‪#‎CreepyKent‬ is off in la la land picking hipster choices, Joel is distracted by Halloween and Jacob is sewing his Amish roots back home, so he’s not even there. No worries, though, we brought on our good friend Sean Peek to fill in for him.

So press play and find out what films we’re looking forward to during the fall and winter of 2016, which movies we want to bomb and if Kent still dares to be the villain.

Baconsale Episode 54: 2016 Summer Movie Preview

Now that Batman v. Superman is behind us, it’s time to look forward to this summer’s films. Kent and Joel discuss their most anticipated movies being released between May and August of 2016. Plus, they also talk about films they want to bomb at the box office this summer. SPOILER ALERT: Jacob doesn’t approve of any of their choices.

Will Kent choose any movies that aren’t indie hipster flicks? Will Joel actually see any of these movies while they’re in theaters? Will the guys talk about Suicide Squad without mentioning Margot Robbie? There’s only one way to find out — press play!