Baconsale Episode 46: Sitcom Reboots? You Got It, Dude!

Now that you’ve finished binge-watching Fuller House on Netflix, it’s time to cut it out and join Baconsale as we talk about possible reboots of more of your favorite sitcoms from the 80s and 90s. Kent and Joel will pitch their ideas and it’s up to you, The Listener, to decide whether these reboots get greenlit or not. Plus, as an added bonus, Jacob has prepared a quiz of your favorite TV show theme songs.

And, yes, we really did create a GoFundMe page to help us meet Kate Beckinsale at Salt Lake Comic Con:

What? You haven’t pressed play yet? How rude!

11 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 46: Sitcom Reboots? You Got It, Dude!

  1. Not a reboot, more of a prequel a la muppet babies, I would like to see “Golden Babies” where you have the golden girls, but instead of old ladies they are babies in a day care, but voiced (like look who’s talking) by old people.

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  2. Clarissa Retains it All – Clarissa is a horder of not just junk but also knowledge. She uses her knowledge to solve mysteries, but cannot solve the one mystery that has boggled her for years, “what happened to Sam?” (Spoiler: Turns out he’s buried under a pile of newspapers in Clarissa’s garage).


  3. Dinosaurs: Jurassic Park – By some strange fluke the scientists at Jurassic park extract the DNA of the dinosaurs in the family and clone them thus proving to the world that dinosaurs weren’t all dangerous animals but some were actually intelligent and almost human like. This series will focus on them fighting for “human” rights and then emigrating from the Costa Rican island park to live a lower middle class family lifestyle in Lansing Michigan next door to Roseanne.


  4. I know this is an easy one, but: Sabrina the Middle-Aged Witch. It deals with her attempts to navigate the dating scene in Boston, MA following a rocky divorce. While attempting to keep her sorcery a secret. Hijinks ensue.


    1. Oh yeah, and Sabrina is working a high powered attorney at a large law-firm where she sometimes uses her spells to help her win cases (or lose cases when it turns out she doesn’t like the client).


  5. By the way, great episode. I think the Former Prince of Bel Aire is a winner as is Day Court, especially if Day Court is filmed like a behind the scenes reality show or documentary like the Office.


  6. My Two Baby Daddys – Nicole is involved in the policitical scene of San Francisco (Mayor’s office or something) and living in San Francisco and decides that she wants to have a kid – even though she is unmarried. As it turns out, she has two good friends who are married and also want to have a baby, but they can’t because – well, they are two gay men. So, they come up with a plan wherein they all decide to move in together, get Nicole preggers with Artificial methods (without actually knowing which of the dads is the bio-father) and hijinks ensue as they deal with the pregnancy problems, living together and adjusting to different parenting styles etc.


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