Baconsale Episode 112: Soundtrack & Feels 2: The Soundtrackoning

Listen up! Baconsale is once again discussing their favorite scores, soundtracks and composers! Jacob will give Kent and Joel a category (such as most overrated soundtrack, best electronic score and guilty pleasure) and they must each pick a winner for that category. Plus, as an added twist, they are not allowed to pick any of the music they used in our last Soundtrack & Feels episode.

Joel makes Kent angry, Kent is a strangely predictable hipster and the whole thing comes off as a cheap knock-off of Braveheart, to be honest. Enjoy!

Baconsale Episode 111: Pixar It Didn’t Happen

Okay, here we go. Focus… Speed….

Find your super suit (no capes!) and just keep swimming, because Baconsale is ranking Pixar movies to infinity and beyond! Or at least from Toy Story to Cars 3. Kent may hate most of these movies and Jacob may — SQUIRREL! — be apathetic, but if you’re a fan, you’ve got a friend in Joel. TRIGGER WARNING: The Hopper argument rears its ugly head once again.

Press play and enjoy each sappy and silly moment, because this episode will be over faster than you can say “Mike Wazowski.”

BaconBit: The Mummy Review

Join our expedition as we dig deep into The Mummy movie. Kent and Joel saw the new film (not Jacob, though — Kent wouldn’t let him go) and are ready to talk about if Tom Cruise successfully began the Dark Universe franchise, or if he just looks really, really good while doing so.

As always, we keep all spoilers under wraps during the first 10 minutes, so you can listen even if you haven’t seen the movie. After that point, you may curse us for all the details we unearth.

Baconsale Episode 109: What a Wonder Woman World

Hera, give us strength! Baconsale is talking about Wonder Woman in this episode. And we brought along our good friend and clinical psychologist, Dr. Matt, to help us figure out what makes Princess Diana of Themyscira tick. And since we’re discussing Wonder Woman, we’re of course going to bring up Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Lord of the Rings, Serenity and Star Wars. . . wait, what? We may get sidetracked a lot, but in the end, we finally give our review of the 2017 movie, complete with spoiler-free and spoiler-full sections.

Strap on your bulletproof bracelets, adjust your tiara and hop in your invisible jet — it’s time for Baconsale!

Baconsale Episode 108: Making the Grade

Ooooh yeeaaah! We Can’t Hardly Wait to rank the best and the worst high school movies! If you’re Clueless about this genre, don’t worry, we’re here to help. Joel and Kent have each done Some Kind of Wonderful research, and are ready to Say Anything about these films. And while they may, at times, sound like a bunch of Mean Girls who have Never Been Kissed, we hope that you still give this episode an Easy A.

Don’t you forget about us! Press play so we can tell you more, tell you more!

BaconBit: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Review

Ahoy, matey! Here be the Baconsale review fer the fifth film in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Yarrrr! Shiver me timbers! Are you tired of all these pirate clichĂ©s yet? Then you may have something in common with the Baconsale crew. Will Jack Sparrow and his jokes save the movie? Or does it belong in the depths of Davy Jones’ locker? Press play to find out!

Be warned! The first 11 minutes are safe. After that, you’re off the edge of the map, mate, because there be spoilers!

Baconsale Episode 106: Twinner Winner

Have you ever gotten Deep Impact confused with Armageddon? Or mixed up A Bug’s Life with Antz? If so, you’re not alone! In this episode, we’re pitting twin movies against each other in a series of versus battles, where we debate and decide which clone film is the stronger one. It’s not always easy — except for Jacob, who always sides with Kent — but it’s fun to watch Kent struggle as he has to defend things like Pixar and Despicable Me.

And if you think we’ve done an episode like this before, you’re wrong. It wasn’t us. It was another podcast back in 1998.

BaconBit: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review

Ooga chaka! Ooga-ooga! Ooga chaka! Ooga-ooga! Ooga chaka! Ooga-ooga! Ooga chaka! Ooga-ooga! We can’t stop reviewing – each Marvel movie. Kent, he won’t stop bashing – on anything non-DC. When Joel tries to – share his thoughts on Groot – Kent interrupts him – says his views are moot. Ohhhhh! We’re talking ’bout Guardians! Vol. 2 of the Guardians. The first bit’s spoiler freeeee!

Baconsale Episode 104: 2017 Summer Movie Preview

In a world where every movie seems to be a remake, a reboot or a sequel, three men will do their best to guide you through the cinematic minefield. Baconsale has created their lists of which films they’re most excited for during the summer of 2017, as well as the movies they want to bomb. Joel admits some mistakes he’s made in the past, Jacob references “growly pants,” and Kent banishes both of them from movie screenings.

Hurry and press play! The summer movie season is almost upon us!