Baconsale Episode 74: Soundtrack and Feels

Hear that? That’s the sound of Kent and Joel discussing great movie music. They spend the first little bit arguing about scores versus soundtracks, actually, but then they get into the categories such as the best animated score, iconic 90s soundtrack, the film soundtrack everyone had and the best scores from John Williams and Danny Elfman (or Elf-Man, as Jacob calls him).

Don’t be a moron goose, press play and listen to the soothing sounds of Baconsale!

Baconsale Episode 45: It Was the Best of Pictures, It Was the Worst of Pictures

Film snobs unite! There are 87 Academy Award winners for Best Picture so far, and Kent, Joel and Jacob have watched each and every one of them so you don’t have to. In this episode, we’re bringing our top five Best Picture picks and our bottom five Best Picture picks to the table. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we argue and sometimes Jacob explains WAY too much of the plot. Join us as we guide you through the minefield of Oscar-winning films and let you know which ones to watch and which ones to avoid — because, you know, the Academy doesn’t always get it right.