Baconsale Episode 68: This Show Is Overrated!

Get ready, The Listener, because you’re about to experience the best episode of Baconsale, nay, the best episode of any podcast, ever! Ok, that may be overselling it, but today we’re talking about overrated stuff. We’ve created a list of random categories (such as fast-food restaurants, superhero TV shows, horror movies, 90s bands, video games, albums and more) and it’s up to Kent and Joel to offer their vote for the most overrated person, place or thing in each category.

We know we’re going to tick some people off with our answers, but, hey, that’s what Baconsale does best!

20 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 68: This Show Is Overrated!

  1. Honestly didn’t notice how long this episode was until it ended. Wow, fun lists guys haha here’s mine.

    Stand-up Comedian: Blue Collar Comedy tour. They’re the same crude jokes over and over and over. They were funny once, but you can only pretend to understand larry the cable guy for so long.
    Superhero Show: ARROW. I quit watching a while back. I will only resume watching if Felicity Smoak dies… and then it will probably only be to rewatch her death over and over and over again.
    Fast Food- Honestly, Wendy’s is pretty overrated. Their menu items have gotten less and less appealing over time. The JBC is a shadow of it’s former self, and I miss the Big Bacon Classic.
    SNL Cast Member: Tina Fey is my pick, though Chevy Chase definitely gave her a run for her money. He’s funny, but the jerk of a person he is makes it tough to acknowledge his skill. Tina Fey however just sucks. Sucks soooo bad. 30 Rock is unwatchable.
    Teenage Heart Throb: Given my teenage years were past the 90’s, Orlando Bloom was the overrated pick of the girls my age.
    Album: Anything released in the last 3 years. Seriously though, I never got why Michael Jackson was a big deal. My wife loves his music but I don’t think it’s really anything to shout about. Probably need some context and understanding of his era to get it, but lacking that, I do not like Michael Jackson.
    Tech Craze: Freemium games… just stop it already. Everyone knows what you’re doing. Also this goes for paid for DLC, I’ve already forked out $60 for your games, don’t charge me an extra $60 over the next year.
    Classic Film: The Sound of Music. I loathe that film. Also a “classic” all my friends loved was Moulin Rouge.. Hated that movie, it’s a spunky weird Shakespearean musical about whores… who cares?
    Horror Film: When Darkness Falls, everyone loved this when I was in High School, I watched it and thought it was way overhyped. This was sold to me as scarier than the Ring or the Grudge… not even close!
    Classic Game: Ok it’s not really a classic in the same sense of yours but my pick is Halo. I loved playing this game at Xbox parties with 16 people on 4 tvs in a garage, eating doritos and drinking mountain dew. But the game wasn’t really that great of a shooter. Battlefield 1942, Medal of Honor, and Call of Duty were all better shooters. had they had the multiplayer presence on consoles Halo wouldn’t have been a thing.
    Star Wars Character: Boba Fett.
    Super Model: I know Heidi Klum and Ghiselle (something)… so… all of them.
    Dessert: Ice Cream Cake… Who’s the “genius” who decided to ruin both Ice Cream and Cake? I have sensitive teeth so this is pretty unedible. Gotta keep ’em separated.
    Romantic Song: Anything from Sam Smith.
    Actor: Chris Hemsworth. He’s a great guy, and personally I have no problem with him. But he’s only there for women to Oogle. He’s the same hot Aussie in every role.
    Actress: Scarlett Johannson, Jennifer Lawrence probably tied in this one for me. Scarlett plays the sultry almost-a-skank-but-still-a-strong-woman role in everything, and J-Law is Katniss with different haircuts between films.
    Trend: Pumpkin Spice stuff. It’s cinnamon people…. all they add is copious amounts of cinnamon!
    Modern Singer: Great picks. I’m going to have to go with All modern singers… Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Kanye, Beyoncé, etc.. They all suck and only sing about gettin’ it on, or doing drugs, or killing people, or some combination of all of them.
    Best Picture Winner: Sound of Music…. I hate it…. So much…
    90’s band: PEARL JAM. (I know, you all hate me now, but it had to be said)

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    1. Whenever I start feeling the hate…so much…I just try to think of my favorite things, like Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favorite things.
      It drives the hate away.

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      1. Baconsale is alive with the sound of Chidwick
        With comments full of hate of a thousand years
        Baconsale fills my heart with the sound of Chidwick
        His heart hates every modern song he hears

        His heart thinks modern music is for the birds
        And Ice cream cake hurts his teeth
        His heart wants to see that Felicity Smoke dies
        And Scarlet Jo’ is just a sleeze
        To laugh at Blue Collar Comedy is a no no
        It is crude all the way
        And he hates singers like a Lady Gaga and Kanye

        I go to Baconsale when my heart is lonely
        I know I will hear what I’ve heard before
        My heart will be blessed with the sound of Chidwick
        And I´ll comment once more

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      2. Wow. hahahaha I think I might enjoy a Crewdutler rewrite of the Sound of Music better than the original. That was awesome! Joel, when are you guys pulling him on the show? (not being sarcastic with that, it’d be fun to have “the listener” make a guest appearance)

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      3. I can’t go on the show. I’m not a local UT boy and even if I made it to UT, I’m afraid I still might punch Jacob in the nose for his dumb Disney Villain decisions. It’s for the best that I not be on the show. Besides, I am only clever (and I use that adjective generously in describing myself) when I have lots of time to think about responses. But if they did do a fictional lawyers episode, or courtroom drama episode…

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      4. Right. You’re in Oregon correct? I was a local Utah boy until I moved out to Detroit earlier this year. Hey, maybe once they get that Baconsale store up and running the guys can just get a private Baconsale Jet and fly out to do the podcast with you in Oregon!

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    2. Wow. There are some strong feelings in that post. I’ll try to be sensitive to your feelings. . .and by “sensitive to your feelings” I mean “sarcastic and insightful.”
      I can see what you’re saying about the Blue Collar Comedy tour. I think some of those guys have talent, and are in a rut, while others in that group never had any talent to begin with.
      I know Felicity can be annoying, but seriously? You hate her that much?
      I knew that the Junior Bacon Cheeseburger had changed! I’m not crazy!
      Why don’t you show us on this doll where The Sound of Music hurt you, Tim?
      The opening scene of Darkness Falls was pretty creepy. After that, the film became laughable! So bad!
      So you hate The Sound of Music, Michael Jackson, Pearl Jam and anything modern. What kind of music do you like?

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      1. Pearl Jam and Michael Jackson are ok, don’t hate them but I feel like they are really overrated. I’m a weird mix of classic rock, 90’s punk, and the pop punk of the 2000’s. Offspring, Blink-182, Weezer, Yellowcare were my bands.

        I really dislike felicity. I’ll leave it at that. The romantic angles of arrow ruined that show and she’s the worst.

        Sound of Music is soooo boring. I don’t understand how anyone likes it honestly. I did drama and choir all through junior high and high school and was forced to watch/listen to it many, many times. I hated it the first time I listened/watched it and I hate it now.

        As hate filled as that post was, most of the stuff I still like I just think they’re overrated.

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      2. By modern music I mean pretty much everything in the Pop music category in the last 5 years. There are some exceptions, Bruno Mars has been pretty good… That’s the only one I can think of right now. But Bieber, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé. All that stuff I really dislike.


      3. I’ve only watched the first couple seasons of Arrow and I like Felicity, and I like her when she appears on Flash. I just wish Barry and Felicity had worked out as I always thought she was the better looking possible love interest, and totally more intellectually compatible with Barry.

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      4. Felicity was ok until about season 3 when the CW started listening to the online pining people had for a felicity-oliver love story… Basically the Arrow devolved into some weird mix of Arrow with 7th heaven or Everwood like teenage drama… Once Brandon Routh, Oliver, and Felicity got in their weird love triangle it started on it’s downward spiral. Slade was awesome, and I wish they had been allowed to pursue the Suicide Squad track that they wanted to before it got nixed by DC.

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      5. Felicity would have been an awesome love interest for Barry, but I’m glad they didn’t move that one forward. Iris fits better with him and I think she is more believable as a love interest. Plus she’s an awesome actress! I had no problem with Felicity until after season 2 or so, eventually though she really bugged me. I also hate how she wears the skimpiest dresses, all the time. They’re basically painted on her, it can’t be comfortable to dress like that all the time.

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  2. Comedian: I don’t follow stand up comedians very much, so I don’t know. I really like Gaffigan.
    Overrated Superhero TV Show: I like Daredevil and Jessica Jones, but I concur with both those choices. Smallville was better than Daredevil (at least in the first several seasons)
    Overrated Fast food: I agree that In n Out is overratted. I like it, but the fact that people will wait in line for an hour to eat at the In n Out here in Medford, OR.
    SNL Cast Member: Will Farrell.
    Male Teen Heart Throb: ???
    (I totally had a huge crush on Christina Ricci too!)
    Album: ??? I don’t follow albums or bands, so I have no idea. Skipped this section of the podcast cuz there is a lot to get through.
    Tech Craze: I think we need to stop calling 3D printing “3D Printing” but instead start calling it what it will become “Replicating”. 3D Printers will evolve to become Replicators. I just think it hasn’t come into it’s own yet. When we can put our trash into the replicator and print out new products it will be awesome. But I agree, right now it’s overrated. I think it is rated at where it should be rather than where it is now.
    Overrated Classic Movie: Ben Hurr
    Horror Movie: Skipping section.
    Classic Video Game: Sonic the Hedgehog.
    Star Wars Character: Boba Fet – I totally concur.
    Supermodel: Cindy Crawford – She’s beautiful but totally overrated. All because of that mole.
    Dessert: Red Velvet anything. It’s all in the name. I think people like it because they think of velvet being soft and smooth and think the cake is softer and smoother than other cake. When in reality, red velvet cake is a faux chocolate cake. It was invented due to rationing of sugar, so cocoa was sweetened with beet juice. Now, red velvet is made red with just food coloring. Totally overrated. But I agree with both cupcakes and birthday cake. That’s why I get a cheesecake for my birthday.
    Romantic song: Your Body is a Wonderland and John Mayer in general. The lyrics are horrible for example: …one pair of candy lips and your bubble gum tongue.” What? Bubble gum tongue?
    Actor – Johnny Depp
    Actress – Angelina Jolie
    Current Fad – Themed 5Ks is a great choice!!! How much do people actually run in these? They spend more time taking pictures than actually running. Also re-imagining disney princesses or movies in click bait slideshows that either show them as true to life, or feminists or horror movies, or gender bending, or whatever.
    Modern Singer: I concur with both Kanye and Beyonce. I would also add Katie Perry.
    Best Picture Winner: Crash
    90’s Band: Green Day – I totally picked them before Kent revealed his.
    Disney Villain: Hopper

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    1. It is good to like Jim Gaffigan. I can also recommend Brian Regan (don’t listen to Kent), Jerry Seinfeld, Steven Wright, Jerry Seinfeld, Demetri Martin and Mitch Hedberg (edited).
      Is In-N-Out as fresh in Oregon as it is in Utah?
      We should start a Christina Ricci fan club.
      Sonic the Hedgehog is overrated? How so?
      I get cheesecake for my birthday, too!
      Ew. John Mayer is gross.

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  3. You mentioned Jerry Seinfeld twice. I do like him. I watched the commercials for the Mulaney tv show and thought, “Is this just a Seinfeld remake?” In-N-Out is so fresh here in Oregon, all the Californians who left CA for the legal weed state of Oregon love it. As well as the Washingtonians looking for their first taste of CA on their way back home. I never got the appeal of Sonic. He moved way too fast, was really hard to control and it seemed like that was all the appeal. He just moved fast through levels. Plus, my family was a Nintendo family, so I always looked down on Sega.


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