Baconsale Episode 69: Suicide Squad Review

We’ve been talking about this movie since the very first episode of Baconsale, and now the time is finally here for us to review Suicide Squad. As always, Mr. J, Mr. J and Mr. K start off with a spoiler-free review. It’s not until around 30 minutes in that we get into spoiler territory.

Is Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn everything we dreamed she would be? Where does Jared Leto fall in the ranking of actors who play The Joker? Is Will Smith too Will Smith-y for his role as Deadshot? Find out all this and more by pressing play on this episode of Baconsale!

34 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 69: Suicide Squad Review

      1. I die a little inside every time someone brings that up… I really hope they do a sequel movie to Serenity.. It was so good! I know it probably won’t ever happen, but it should. If Ghostbusters can get a crappy feminist reboot, and Michael Bay can still be allowed to make movies, then Firefly at least deserves one more movie.


      2. And I’m being facetious about the feminist thing.. The film itself wasn’t feminist, the director and marketer just decided to make it an issue.. So.. I’m being semi-facetious… Still a little bitter, trying to curb it sorry.


  1. I think Marvel and DC are too gun shy to kill off or retire characters because they don’t want to alienate sections of their audience. Can you imagine a marvel movie without Iron Man yokels in attendance after Iron Man 3? Neither could the execs at Marvel.

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    1. Hamill and Ledger are neck and neck. I’d give it to Nicholson for the legacy next. Leto has the potential to take that spot, however, Romero is definitely last.

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  2. I went ahead and listened to the spoilerful section. I agree, I am sick of the end of the world scenarios too. That is why I wasn’t looking forward to the new X-Men movie with Apocalypse.

    I also get frustrated with the shared universe too when other superheroes don’t come to help. Like in the Flash there are many times that I think Barry should have called the Arrow just for some more firepower. Or in Supergirl (I’ve only watched 6 or 7 episodes), I think Supergirl was a little pretentious telling Superman to let her take care of her own city. If Superman can help, why not?

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      1. The second joker picture is slightly different. In the first one I just pasted Leto’s mouth onto my face but I thought that made me look not as much like me. So, the second one is just his teeth.


      2. For some reason the links in the two comments just above this one did not post the picture here, so if you want to see the Jack Nicholson and Cesar Romero versions click above.


  3. Is it just me or does anyone else think that Jared Leto looks like a girl. Even with a full beard for some reason a part of me thinks that it is Emily Blunt with a fake beard or something. The purple lipstick and purple crocodile skin collar in the picture above just adds to the feminine look – (did the crocodile man in suicide squad have a problem with Joker wearing a crocodile skin coat?)

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    1. I feel like they went too out there with his costume in this. I haven’t watched it yet but from all I’ve seen in the trailers he’s like “Pimp Joker”. Not sure that was ever a side to the Joker in the comics.


      1. They were definitely trying too hard. Their marketing was trying really hard too. With all the leaked stories of all the crap he did and sent to his costars the guy should have been sued for harassment. I felt like they were trying to have something compare to Ledgers joker diary story.


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