Baconsale Episode 67: Pokémon – Gotta Teach ‘Em All!

We wanna be the very best and understand Pokémon, which is why we’ve invited Collin Willams, the Poké Professor onto our show — and it’s super effective! Collin begins at the basics of Pokémon (for Joel’s sake), and then talks about how it went from a simple role-playing video game about pocket monsters to the augmented reality mobile app and worldwide phenomenon it has become. Along the way, we learn some tips and tricks about how to play Pokémon GO and we learn about how we’re all geeks in one form or another.

So yell “Baconsale, I choose you!” and fling your Poké Ball at your screen to get started…or just press play.

Collin’s Pokemon Go Guides:
Collin’s Ingress Site:
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6 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 67: Pokémon – Gotta Teach ‘Em All!

  1. The Pokémon series is a little too corny to hold up. If Team Rocket didn’t show up in every episode and rattle off that blasted monologue then it would hold up much better.


  2. **Nerd alert here, hold on to your pocket protectors, pokemon was kind of my thing when I was little**

    Pokémon has had 7 Generations of games. Basically the games released in sets that had a couple generation core games that were identical in story and the only difference were the exclusive pokemon to those versions, and then special editions like Yellow that have story variations from the core game, and have interface upgrades or special features (Like in Yellow Pikachu follows your character around in the game rather than just being in the pokeball). So basically each generation includes 3 games, two core games, and one special. Though, in the last few generations they’ve rereleased some of the core games with tweaks and graphic upgrades. Like Fire-Red, Leaf-Green were updated versions of Red and Blue.

    The main quest was to beat all of the Gym leaders to get badges and qualify to fight the Elite Four trainers who were the best trainers in the world. The catch them all aspect is more of a % completion of a game type of thing than the actual storyline. Without trading between versions in the original Red, Blue core games you would only be able to catch 124 of the 150 pokemon.

    I’ve been reading that book that Dr. Matt suggested “Killing Monsters” and it actually talks a lot about Pokémon being on of the best shows for little kids to deal with anxiety and process things going on in the world because it was accessible to every kid and had a wide variety of options that spoke to every type of kid, both boys and girls. It also talked about the popularity of the games coming about because of the needed outlet for fantasy violence for kids to process the perceived “scary” parts of life at the time. Which is interesting to see that the same generation of kids is now between 20-30 and Pokémon go becomes crazy popular in the midst of a year that has been incredibly violent so far. The book has said that adults will revisit fantasy outlets they used when they were kids as they grow up and are faced with violence in the world they need to process. It’s a super cool book, glad Dr. Matt suggested it.

    Ok so this was longer than I intended so I’ll cut it short here. One more interesting note, the guy who invented Pokémon was High Functioning Autistic which is pretty cool apparently he’s become a pretty cool role model for kids with Aspergers.

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      1. It’s a great read with some really interesting findings on violent play for little kids. I’m finding it really introspective because my girls are both less than 3 years old so… Not much use for it yet.


    1. I read about the guy who came up with the concept of Pokémon being Autistic (I ran a Google search on Autistic game designers). I myself grew up with Asperger Syndrome and ever since I first played video games around age 3 or 4, I have wanted to work as a game developer.

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