Baconsale Episode 89: Best & Worst Movies of 2016-ish

We’ve recovered from the Amish incident in our last show, and we’re ready to begin Baconsale season three! And, once again, we’re starting off the new season with our best and worst movie picks from last year. Kent picks movies that were released in 2016, and Joel picks movies that he watched for the first time during the past year, which may or may not include films actually released in 2016. It’s fun for the whole family (except when Kent is talking about The Neon Demon) on this episode of Baconsale!

8 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 89: Best & Worst Movies of 2016-ish

  1. Oh man. I want to hear a “Movies as told by Kent” podcast so bad… I mean keep them family friendly but rip them up. I’d also love dramatic script reading by Jacob. Baconbit ideas? Haha

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  2. Everytime I see Paul Rudd in a movie I revert to him being Bobby Newport from Parks and Rec and I can’t take him seriously. It ruined Antman for me.. well that and the fact that it was a pretty run of the mill Marvel movie.

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    1. For me, he is the lynchpin (sp). The ultimate cut (my 3rd time watching) details it all. Each viewing after that showed the level of control he had over the situation. Yes, wacky Eisenberg is annoying, but I really like the reinvention. And come on, will you ever be able to eat a cherry Jolly Rancher in the same way?

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      1. Honestly, I’ve forgotten most of what he did. The most memorable scene in that movie was when the cops were entering that building to find batman at the start as he was taking out bad guys and freeing that cell of human trafficking victims. I loved having a near-horror movie vibe to a Batman fight scene. The rest of it was kind of just ok and Eisenberg really rubbed me the wrong way. Still better than pretty much every Marvel movie… but yeah.. sorry I’m trying to not hate on a movie you liked so much. It really doesn’t deserve all the hate it gets, only parts of it I feel are deserved and Luthor is the big one.


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