Baconsale Episode 88: Season Two Legit to Quit

As the year comes to a close, it’s time to take a quick look back at our second season of Baconsale. We talk about some guests we’d like to have back on, some shows we’d like to redo and some of our favorite moments of this season (like when we met Kate Beckinsale — remember that? We sure do!). Plus, we offer up some behind-the-scenes insights into creating our podcast.

WARNING: It gets a little warm and fuzzy at times. However, after the kind of year 2016 has been, we think we could all use something a little warm and fuzzy, don’t you?

Press play and enjoy our season finale of Baconsale!

18 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 88: Season Two Legit to Quit

  1. BTW, i hope you’re not dumb like last year and fail to respond to Abby comments because you’re pretending that something happened to you, and now the intern has to respond and never really does anything. Cuz that was dumb. We know Jacob didn’t really destroy the studio, we know you’re still alive and free and not locked in a bathroom with only a floor sandwich to eat. Your season finale was great , so you owe it to the listener to comment and reply to their comments.


  2. I want a show about Clue. It got a small mention. How do we make that happen? Can we also have a show about holiday drinks? I really need that.


  3. I just have to say that I LIKED the Karate Kid episode! It was because of that episode that we made our kids watch both Karate Kid 1 and Karate Kid 2 over Christmas break. I still stand that Karate Kid 1 is better overall, but I can see more of Kent’s points in defense of Karate Kid 2. AND in defence of Karate Kid 2 possibly being better I could add that watching Elizabeth Shue kiss Danielson in Karate Kid 1 feels like watching a babysitter kiss one of her kids. When I watched Karate Kid 1 for the first time I was 6 therefore everyone on the screen looked like a grown up teenager and so the pairing worked. But not so much now (I love Elizabeth Shue btw, and this is in no way demeaning her as an actress.) And I liked the Karate Kid baconsale episode enough that I have moved onto to other episodes, and I agree that the Centerville’s McDonald’s is the best and I almost got a strawberry pie the other day just to see what I was missing. P.S. TO ALL THREE OF YOU, McDonald’s fries are SO CRAPPY!!!!


      1. It’s kind of like McDonald’s couldn’t decide if they wanted to make a french fry or a chip so they just noncommittally combined the two and made the chip fry. I do think a smart move for them could be to own the chip fry and make a special chip fry flavor everyday, like Monday is “sour cream and onion chip fry” , Tuesday “cool ranch chip fry.” That could possibly save the McDonald’s fry from sheer nonsense.


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