BaconBit: Rogue One Review

This is a rebellion isn’t it? We rebel. And we’re also ready to review Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Will this spin-off of the franchise set between the prequels and the sequels win the hearts of Kent, Joel and Jacob? Or will Baconsale want to charge up the Death Star and obliterate the tale of Jyn Erso? There’s only one way to find out (or two, if you count Kent’s review on Radio Ronin) — click play now!

The first 11 minutes are SPOILER-FREE! We even reigned Kent in with his plot descriptions for that part.

17 thoughts on “BaconBit: Rogue One Review

  1. This movie was entertaining for the last half or so of the film. It looked like Star Wars but it didn’t feel like Star Wars for a while. Random fact check: Wedge Antilles was not in the film. Also, the fact that he wasn’t in a movie entitle Rogue One is awful. There was a lot of crap Disney wrote out of the canon but there were two main threads of the EU that were really good and widely considered canon. One was the heir to the empire series and the other was a series about Rogue Squadron in which Wedge IS Rogue One, the leader and creator of a Rebel Alliance Special ops force. It was loosely tied to the Rogue Squadron games on N64, GameCube, and the Wii that were the best Star Wars video games ever made. You guys are right, this was made by people in a room that had a general idea for the movie and were just coming up with George Lucas like tie ins. This is a weird hybrid of the prequels and the original series… if you had told me George Lucas has written and directed this I wouldn’t have been surprised, especially with that dad joke. I think B or B- is what I’d grade it. I’d rather watch this than most of the lazy blockbusters we’ve seen this year. I’m glad they had the guts to kill off the characters, it’s refreshing to see a movie not be trigger shy (looking at you Suicide Squad).

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    1. I’d rank this above the prequels, but somewhere in the wide gap between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope for me. So Empire, ROTJ, Force Awakens, A New Hope, Rogue One, Revenge of the Sith, (precipitous fall) Phantom Menace, Clone Wars.

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      1. The problem with ranking it now is we don’t really know how well it sets up the rest of this trilogy. I think it’s a better starting point than A New Hope was because honestly A New Hope was built to be a stand alone film. Most of the reason it’s such a beloved movie is because of Empire taking the universe and showing how deep it can be. Force Awakens left a lot unsaid and if the next movies take that and build something really cool then it will remain up there, if not then it will drop off. My rankings are fluid and my views on the films change.

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      1. It was really awesome how they incorporated those guys from the Death Star fight.. I was really hoping they’d have squeezed Porkins into it, just another missed opportunity from Rogue One.

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      2. Found out some of the female pilots in the dogfight at the end were actually filmed for Return of the Jedi but were cut from the original film. Pretty cool they got included in Rogue One!

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  2. If you were showing someone new to Star Wars every film in the series when would you have them watch this? I mean you can’t start with this, but it doesn’t make sense to watch it anywhere else in the order.


    1. I would still probably show it to them after they finished the franchise, just because I don’t think it will have the same impact if you watch it anywhere else.

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  3. Going to see Rogue One in an hour. I can’t wait to listen to the rest of the podcast.

    Actually, i can wait, in fact, I am waiting. I’ve never understood why we use the term “i can’t wait” when it is demonstrably false. Even uttering the phrase right before doing whatever you said you could not wait to do demonstrated you could, in fact, wait long enough to say the phrase.


      1. Sorry, I just got around to listening to the spoilerful section. I will say this, that since you informed me in the spoiler-free section that Tarkin was CGI, I could totally see the fakeness of it. But, my wife and my parents who saw it with me did not believe me afterward that he was all CGI. They were surprised, so I think for those who knew he was CGI, it was really easy to see, otherwise, they probably did a good job.

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      2. I agree, that a better plan would have been to make it so the death star self-destructed when it powered up, but since there were other scientists and engineers working on it, I don’t think think he could have succeeded with that plan, I think the womprat vent is probably the best he could do considering the amount of oversight. I like that the weakness is explained. What I don’t understand is why Leia was there at the battle to begin with – thinking back to pre-Rogue One, I assumed that Leia used her position as a Princess to smuggle the plans for the Death Star out of some secure location. Here is what should have happened, instead of blowing up the record facility at the end, Leia should have been on the planet surface and Jin or Han-Wannabe could have gotten the disc to her. Then after the rebels are defeated and the survivors are being tortured and executed one by one, she is able to get off-planet just before Darth or one of his minions discovers that she received a hand-off from the rebels.


      3. I think your critique about the plans being on a hard drive and having satellite dishes is one of your weakest critiques. That’s like criticizing the film because they speak english and wear shoes which are totally present day earth things. Besides, the millenium falcon has a satellite dish on it too. What I thought was dumb was that the empire didn’t think it necessary to be able to communicate with the outside world when the shields were up. I mean come on! You have this records depot that sends and receives a lot of the empire’s most sensitive data and it can’t send or receive any of that data while the shields are up? That makes no sense.

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