Baconsale Episode 87: Christmas Showdown – Die Hard vs. Lethal Weapon

On this week’s episode, Baconsale takes on two of the greatest 80s action flicks of all time: Lethal Weapon and Die Hard. However, we’re not discussing which film is better. Instead, Kent and Joel are debating which movie is more Christmas-y. They’ve each picked a side, they’ve done their research and they’ve taken notes on all of the Christmas music, all of the Christmas decorations, all of the Christmas themes and all of the cocaine the looks like snow. Kent gets a little mainstream, Joel gets a little emotional and now it’s time for you to have yourself a merry little podcast.

20 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 87: Christmas Showdown – Die Hard vs. Lethal Weapon

  1. I’ve never actually seen Die Hard.. I saw Lethal Weapon on tv when I was like 6 years old, once or twice. Going off your arguments I’ll say Kent definitely tried harder, but I think Joel won this. Also, I think Jacob could hold his own in that debate you guys were going off on. #TeamJacob #stillhaven’tboughtashirt

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  2. I just looked up the screenplays for both Die Hard and Lethal Weapon. Both use the word “Christmas” to describe the set (ie. Christmas lights, Christmas trees, etc) but I only counted the times the word “Christmas was spoken by a character. Here is the tally:

    Lethal Weapon: 9
    Die Hard: 8

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      1. Sorry, but I will not be getting a baconsale t-shirt. They are pricey! I usually don’t spend more than $5 on t-shirts. But if I were to buy a shirt, it would just be a baconsale shirt not a hashtag shirt. However, if I can cast a vote and be entered in the contest without a purchase, I would indeed be voting for #FamilyFriendly. I just don’t think Kent really cares, and I do not always like Jacob’s twists.


  3. Just noticed if you go to the top of the page you can make the snowflakes change direction according to what side of the page your cursor is. Cursor to the right, snowflakes go to the left. Cursor on the left, snowflakes go right…. it’s a slow day at work guys.

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  4. BTW is the Rogue One review going to be a Baconbit or a full episode? And is Emily coming back for round 2 of beat up on Joel for liking a new Star Wars movie more than the prequels?


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