BaconBit: Doctor Strange Review

Throw on your cape and trim your goatee, it’s time for our review of Doctor Strange! Baconsale is ready to talk about the 14th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and determine if Benedict Cumberbatch (or Benedict “Cumberbutton,” as Jacob calls him) is the right fit for the role of Dr. Stephen Strange.

As always, the first 10 minutes of this review are spoiler-free! It’s not until the last half when we talk about the ending of the movie where Batman punches Darth Vader in the face to save Hermione Granger. Wait….

4 thoughts on “BaconBit: Doctor Strange Review

  1. My wife and I saw Dr. Strange on Saturday night, then listened to your podcast Sunday afternoon on our road trip (has anyone ever mentioned that baconsale is a good roadtrip podcast?)

    We both liked Dr. Strange. It was thoroughly entertaining. We liked that it was a stand alone origin movie – we didn’t have to know about other superheroes or remember what happened in the last avengers or thor movie. My wife especially is about done with the Marvel extended universe concept – I still like it, but I get where she is coming from. But after listening to your podcast, we both agree, maybe Dr. Strange should have been less jokey, but otherwise, it was great. Were we moved by the movie? No. Did it cause us to think deeply? No. It was an entertaining movie that I will probably see again.

    I liked the special effects, and I am glad Joel mentioned the car accident. That was seriously a great scene. The sound was what really made it real. I don’t know that I have ever, after a movie scene thought “Wow! Those sound effects were really amazing, I felt like I was there…” But that is exactly what I thought after the car accident was over. I also liked the, for lack of a better term, the inception effects. I don’t think that other movies should be criticized or marked down for using the inception effects just because inception used them first. It was a great way to do battle with magic in a movie. I also don’t think we run the risk of Dr. Strange being a superman like superhero that is all powerful and can turn back time if something goes wrong, because of the need to avoid messing with physical laws. Even the inception like powers might not be present in future movies because the only way anyone was able to use powers like that was by drawing upon the powers of dormamoo.

    I’m sad that the next Dr. Strange movie is going to require me to research the other Avenger’s movies before I watch it, because I think I would like to see more stand alone movies.

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