Baconsale Episode 81: Escape from the Great Room Escape

Ready? Set? Go! In this episode, we talk about our experience taking our contest winner to The Great Room Escape. And since we our mission was to get out of the escape room in under an hour, we decided to keep this episode under an hour, as well. Don’t worry, we don’t give any spoilers about the puzzles and clues in the room — we mostly just talk about Joel feeling mostly useless in the room and Kent jump-dancing away from the zombie.

Did we make it out of the room? And, if so, how much time did we have left? Hurry and press play — the clock is ticking!

9 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 81: Escape from the Great Room Escape

    1. It was too many. I think if you book a room, it’s yours. Otherwise, it might be left to chance. Also, the number feels unlucky, no?


    2. I was really surprised you guys didn’t end up as your own group. 13 seems like a lot, but hey, just more people you can feed to the zombie right? As far as it being unlucky, I’d say the evidence is on your side as you guys didn’t get through. Pretty sure it’s all the number 13’s fault you didn’t get out.


  1. So, I emailed the Great Room Escape people asking for info on opening a franchise in Oregon and they totally ignored me. It sounds like fun, but I would rather do it with a smaller group.


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