Baconsale Episode 70: Mary Lou Retton and the Golden Snitch

On your mark, get set, podcast! We go for the gold this time and get a real, live sports radio personality to join us! Alex Kirry from KSL is here to challenge Joel and Kent in an Olympic challenge! We’re not doing anything that would be physically challenging, though, that would be ridiculous. Instead, Jacob has created a quiz to test the others’ knowledge of the Olympics. Along the way, we learn a thing or two about Quidditch, poodle clipping and Indian clubs.

So press play and do your nation proud by listening to this episode of Baconsale!

3 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 70: Mary Lou Retton and the Golden Snitch

  1. Great podcast. I did not play along, but I found myself laughing quite a bit, which was hard to do since I was listening in bed last night and didn’t want to wake up my wife. I fell asleep before the end (due to the lateness of the hour not because it was boring or anything) so I finished up the last half hour this morning. Good job guys. Sorry, no photoshop this week, even though I was thinking of finding a picture of an Indian Club team and photoshopping your faces onto them. Alex was hilarious though.

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