Baconsale Episode 54: 2016 Summer Movie Preview

Now that Batman v. Superman is behind us, it’s time to look forward to this summer’s films. Kent and Joel discuss their most anticipated movies being released between May and August of 2016. Plus, they also talk about films they want to bomb at the box office this summer. SPOILER ALERT: Jacob doesn’t approve of any of their choices.

Will Kent choose any movies that aren’t indie hipster flicks? Will Joel actually see any of these movies while they’re in theaters? Will the guys talk about Suicide Squad without mentioning Margot Robbie? There’s only one way to find out — press play!

19 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 54: 2016 Summer Movie Preview

      1. Yeah it would have been hilarious to do one and have the ring leader be bill murrays daughter or something and made it a direct sequel. Call me sexist, but I hope this falls so hard and is so universally vilified no one can blame it on people not liking it because they went with an all girl cast but because it’s a horrible movie.

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      2. Well, Sigourney Weaver’s character had a son, Oscar, with some dude between Ghostbuster’s 1 and 2, but separated from him. So, after Ghostbuster’s 2, Bill Murray and Sigourney Weaver could have gotten together and had a daughter. This movie could have started out with the two Venkman kids, now adults, working together to put Ghostbusters back in business.

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    1. Haha! I don’t expect it to get higher than a C-, but man it has potential to be the best so bad it’s good movie of the summer. – Kent

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  1. 5 Most Anticipated (in no particular order):
    Star Trek, Capt America, BFG, Jason Bourne, X-Men
    I am also anticipating Pete’s Dragon and Finding Dory. I don’t know what Joel has against the live action versions of these old movies. I like them. I liked Cinderella and I just saw Jungle Book and I liked it. I do wish that in doing the live action version they would have incorporated more of the original Rudyard Kipling story by making Baloo more of a responsible teacher of Mowgli from a young age and making Ka’s role bigger as an ally of Bagheera rather than a small enemy. Especially since they probably spent a ton of money on Scarlet Johanson to be his voice–sorry her voice. But on the whole I thought it was a great movie. I also liked how they incorporated a couple of the songs from the original cartoon. I liked it. My least favorite part of it was Bill Murray as Baloo. He did fine, but I just don’t care for his sarcasm. As for sequels to the Jungle Book, the original stories are great, but I don’t think they are going to follow much of the original stories since they didn’t follow the story in the first one.

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    1. I love Star Trek but I can’t get behind Beyond. I’m convinced this will be some “make Star Trek sexy” attempt which would be fine if it’s done like the last two, but it looks like they’re making it with no substance and extra flash. I guess they were overdue for a bad one to come out.


      1. The only thing I will say is that for some movies the trailer advertises the movie incorrectly. I bet that is the case with this one. But just as the light saber fights in star wars evolved from that very tame Darth vs Obi duel to the very exciting Kylo vs Ren duel, I think Star Trek’s action sequences must also evolve. But we’ll see how the actual movie is. Don’t root against it just yet. Of course, all I know about it is what I have seen in the trailer. I don’t read articles or spoilers.


  2. 5 I hope will Fail (in no particular order):
    Alice Thru the Looking Glass, Alice Thru the Looking Glass, Alice Thru the Looking Glass, Alice Thru the Looking Glass, Alice Thru the Looking Glass
    – but really, Alice Thru the Looking Glass, Independence Day, Ghostbusters, Angry Birds, Alice Thru the Looking Glass
    I just don’t like Johnny Depp. He is annoying. I didn’t want to see the first Alice because of him, and I don’t want to see this one because of him. He ruined Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with his stupid portrayal of Willy Wonka and I just want to see him pushed out of movies. I despise the fact that his Pirates movies have made so much money. So, maybe this Alice will fail so specatacularly, he will stop getting roles. But of couse, even if it fails, they won’t blame him, they’ll blame the director or writer and he will get put in the next role, like as Jimminy Cricket in Pinnochio (top hat, cane, some dancing, it’s perfect for Johnny!!!) or the Mouse in Dumbo (con artist, showman, it’s perfect for Johnny!!!) .

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    1. Just wait, Tim Burton will be hired to do a live action Nightmare before Christmas and we’ll get Johnny Depp as Jack Skellington! He’d be awesome!.. A little short but they can just get him to walk on stilts right? Johnny Depp as Jack, Kristen Stewart as Sally, heavily dubbed musical numbers, and Jason Alexander as the mayor! It would be fantastic! (Actually Jason Alexander wouldn’t be a terrible choice for the mayor… I couldn’t think of a bad, more portly, actor.) How great would that be Crewdutler?! How could you not get on the Johnny Depp train after hearing him sing “What’s this?” while on stilts?

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      1. Depp as Jack Skellington would be horrible!!! As Joel said, “Disgusting”

        How about Depp as the next Riddler in a new Batman Movie?

        Now that we’re spitballing movie ideas. I’d like to have Baconsale do an Episode on Johnny Depp. Best and Worst movies, and characters that would be better with him in the role and characters that would be worse with him in the role even though Hollywood believes otherwise.

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  3. I’m with Kent on TMNT. These are the turtles I wish they’d had when the original TMNT movies came out. I didn’t watch the first one in theaters and I probably won’t watch this one in theaters, but I will watch it.


  4. I am worried about the X-Men though. I think the megavillains are killers to a movie. I mean c’mon, a mutant who is immortal, can control other mutants, has telekenisis and can grow super big and strong and probably shoot fire, etc. I just can’t believe it. Not that x-men are believable, but there is only so much I can do. Anyway, I am cautiously optimistic about X-Men.

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  5. I had so much hate towards this summer’s films brought to the surface in this comments section haha. I’m really excited about X-Men and Civil War! So.. that’s positive! Trying to be more optimistic.

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