Baconsale Episode 55: The Mother of All Shows

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there! This episode is dedicated to you! From June Cleaver to Cersei Lannister, Baconsale is discussing the best and the worst maternal material that TV and film have to offer. Kent and Joel will answer such questions as who is the most inspirational fictional mother? Who is the most manipulative? Who is the scariest movie mom? Who is the funniest? Plus, along the way, Kent, Joel and Jacob discuss stories about their own mothers, as well.

If you love your mom, you’ll press play and listen. And, if you don’t, press play just to spite her.

(This week’s episode art courtesy of Drew Cutler)

10 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 55: The Mother of All Shows

  1. Fun episode! This was a tough one to come up with a list for but here’s what I got:
    Most Manipulative: Lois (Malcolm in the Middle)
    Best Cartoon Mom: Kala (Tarzan) Thought I’d try to come up with one that wasn’t Marge or Elastigirl

    Best Mr. Mom: Master Splinter (TMNT)… I mean he raised his “boys” on pizza and they lived in a sewer.. but he’s a rat so what did you expect? He did his best. (Honorable Mention: Obi Wan Kenobi… would have won had his “kid” anakin not… you know… kill a bunch of younglings and try to conquer the universe.)

    Most Loving: Mae Braddock (Cinderella Man) my heart breaks when she sends her kids away =,(
    Worst Reality TV: Momma June. No contest.
    Funniest Mom: Lois (Malcolm in the Middle) I tried to come up with something different but no one compares
    Supportive for A.T.W.R.: Lucille Bluth, when she’s supportive you know its not because you’re doing something right
    Most Attractive: Kim (The Rocker, Christina Applegate) this isn’t some shallow Missy kind of thing, she’s just a cool person and I thought this was a good portrayal of a cool, down to earth, single mom.
    Best Adoptive Mom: Aunt May (Spider man)
    Best Apocalypse Mom:… No idea… There really aren’t many moms in the whole “end of the world” genre that come to mind.
    Most Overbearing: Marie (Everybody loves Raymond)
    Most Annoying: Roseanne Barr. She’s terrible.
    Most Abusive: Mae (Secondhand Lions) I don’t watch R-rated movies, and I was going for a different pick.
    Most Inspirational: Mrs. Brisby was a great great answer. I couldn’t come up with one here.
    Scariest Mom: Lady Tremaine (Disney’s cartoon Cinderella) That lady still creeps me out.
    Wish they were your mom: Mrs. Potts. I mean that’d be weird but she seems super nice and caring.

    My mom is the best. Couldn’t come up with a good story I wanted to share because I’m feeling too emotional, so I’m keeping them to myself.

    Great episode guys!

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    1. Thanks! You had some good choices in there. I can’t believe that we didn’t mention Lucille Bluth at all. That’s insane. I may have to swap her out for the Dowager Countess for “Most Manipulative.” I also think that Master Splinter and Aunt May were excellent choices. Also, I haven’t met that many people that have seen The Rocker, so that was a surprising choice. Love the feedback!


      1. I love The Rocker. It’s a Top 5 comedy for me, I really like that it’s funny and really pretty clean (except for friggin’ Jason Sudeikis). It just had the misfortune of releasing a couple weeks after The Dark Knight came out.


  2. Most Manipulative: Irina Derevko from Alias. She became a mom solely as a manipulation of Jack Bristow, and used her relationship to take advantage of Jack and Sydney so much.
    Best Cartoon Mom: Peggy Hill – She’s just a solid mom to an awkward boy who she loves very much. I was an awkward boy, so it kind of hit home. Of course she only had one child, where I had siblings.

    Best Mr. Mom: Henry Jones. Sure he was hard on Junior, but that sternness is what made Indiana such a good, smart, successful archaeologist.

    Most Loving: Lily Potter. She gave her life for her son, and in doing so, gave him that amazing magical protections.

    Worst Reality TV: Kate. From Kate Plus 8. I don’t watch much reality tv, in fact I don’t think I ever watched an episode of that show, but all the tabloid stuff is just horrible.
    Funniest Mom: Lois (Malcolm in the Middle). I concur. She is awesome.

    Most Supportive for All the Wrong Reasons: Is this the same as Most Manipulative? I’m going with Lucille Bluthe
    Most Attractive: I am going to agree with Chidwick here and go with Christina Applegate, but I’m going with Reagan Brinkley from Up All Night.
    Best Adoptive Mom: Perdita “Perdy” from 101 Dalmations. I mean, c’mon she already has 15 pups and then adopts 86 more!!!
    Best Apocalypse Mom: I agree with Sarah Connor.

    Most Overbearing: Mrs Bennett from the Collin Firth Pride and Prejudice. She’s not so bad in the Kiera Knightly version. And I don’t mean to sound mean, but when I watch the Collin Firth version for the first time, I kept thinking to myself, “that is so my mom.” Not the overbearing part, but the no social filter part. Ok, so that is kind of mean. but my mom doesn’t come to

    Most Annoying: Roseanne most definitely.

    Most Abusive: Mama Fratelli from Goonies. She chained up her own son simply because he was different.
    Most Inspirational: The Mom from The Blind Side.

    Scariest Mom: Xenomorph from Alien. I mean seriously!!!
    Wish they were your mom: Mrs. Weasley, mostly cuz It’d be fun to be a wizard, and I have red hair so I’d fit right in.

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      1. Well, I was inspired by your list. I tried to find different answers than what they gave and from what you gave. I liked your Master Splinter pick for Best Mr. Mom. I was going to go with Mr. Tanner from Full House till I saw that.


      2. Oh man, Mr. Tanner! How did I forget about him? I was having a really hard time coming up with one for that category actually. BTW awesome job with the photo. I got a kick out of your baby versions of the guys meeting Kate.

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