Baconsale Episode 5: Summer Movie Preview

In this episode we talk about the movies (or “films,” as the film snobs say) that each of us are most excited for this summer.
Joel is excited about his usual money-driven flicks.
Kent talks about films that truly matter, but you’ve probably never heard of them.
And Jacob mostly just agrees with Kent so they can stay best buddies.
Let us prepare you for the summer of 2015, Baconsale-style!

3 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 5: Summer Movie Preview

  1. I am looking forward to Mad Max the most. It might just be because the upcoming video game for it looks good.


  2. I had never even heard of Gentlemen Broncos.

    If I had a choice between no super powers and stretchy super power, I would totally take the stretchy superpower. I don’t think there is a superpower I would turn down though, except maybe Cyclops’s laser eyes and Rogue’s power sucking power. Otherwise, even if getting a super power meant I had to grow a mullet or get blue skin, I would totally do it. Next Baconsale you should discuss top five and bottom five superpowers. It’s a sure winner.


    1. Thanks for the idea! That would be an ugly one. These guys get crazy about in a recurring Fly vs Teleport debate that I think will last past the grave.


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