Baconsale Episode 109: What a Wonder Woman World

Hera, give us strength! Baconsale is talking about Wonder Woman in this episode. And we brought along our good friend and clinical psychologist, Dr. Matt, to help us figure out what makes Princess Diana of Themyscira tick. And since we’re discussing Wonder Woman, we’re of course going to bring up Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Lord of the Rings, Serenity and Star Wars. . . wait, what? We may get sidetracked a lot, but in the end, we finally give our review of the 2017 movie, complete with spoiler-free and spoiler-full sections.

Strap on your bulletproof bracelets, adjust your tiara and hop in your invisible jet — it’s time for Baconsale!

2 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 109: What a Wonder Woman World

  1. I’m giving this movie a B. I’m 100% with Joel, there are a lot of things that are wrong with it, but I can overlook it because of how it looks and how well the main roles were played by Gal Gadot and Chris Pine.


    That said, this follows the Marvel formula.. not necessarily a bad thing, but I expected better. After the initial start in Themyscira, it’s basically the same plot as Captain America the First Avenger. I’m ok with that, Captain America is my favorite Marvel movie. I’d score it above Captain America, but I’ll say this, Marvel did a better job depicting the Germans than DC did. What kind of lazy depiction was that? The only one who even feigned an accent was Chris Pine, and he only did it for like 30 seconds! There was no effort put into them infiltrating the German party at all. Zero, none, zilch. It was LAZY. Plot? Captain America (I mean Wonder Woman) is chasing Red Skull (I mean Ludendorf) who is building a super weapon that will pull victory out of the jaws of defeat. They load the superweapon on a giant plane which ends up costing the hero their love interest in the end. Cool.

    Oh and lets talk about their little support group. Way to shoehorn in SJW lines like: “I didn’t want to be a soldier, I wanted to be an actor! But I’m the wrong color…”…. Ummm.. How about, NO ONE WANTS TO BE A SOLDIER RIGHT NOW! It’s World War 1! I doubt you really had much of a choice being from Europe. There were a couple other ones, but this is more of a personal gripe than anything else so I’ll leave it there. That line was particularly dumb so I wanted to put it in there.

    WWI depiction? At first it looks really well done… then the cracks form. “We haven’t moved an inch in a year” annnnd apparently the peabrain village people think it’s still a good idea to stick around when your trench runs basically through their town. “The germans took our town and enslaved everyone!”… like a year ago? Well when they got to that town it looked pretty non-occupied and devoid of enslaved frenchmen to let out.

    Ok, the good stuff. Aries was awesome! Everything about the Amazon, and Zeus and the Gods, was really well done. One of the best parts of the movie is that first battle between the Germans and the Amazons. It was sooo cool! I could have watched 3 hours of the Amazons infiltrating Berlin and hunting down Aries. Gal Gadot was fantastic, and I have no complaints at all about Wonder Woman and her as a character. This a great superhero movie. It just fits more in the Marvel formula than DC. Not exactly a bad thing, but I wish more attention to detail was put into it. I expected more detail out of a DC movie than Marvel level detail, and overall this film only partially delivered.


    1. The more I think about it, I want to bump it up to B+, but I think it’s unfair to give this movie a pass on the lack of detail and convenient plot points, and trash on Marvel movies for the exact same thing. It was a really good movie and I’m now excited for this DC connected universe, that in itself gives this movie major points. It single handedly made up for BVS, which I did not like except for one or two scenes.


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