Baconsale Episode 108: Making the Grade

Ooooh yeeaaah! We Can’t Hardly Wait to rank the best and the worst high school movies! If you’re Clueless about this genre, don’t worry, we’re here to help. Joel and Kent have each done Some Kind of Wonderful research, and are ready to Say Anything about these films. And while they may, at times, sound like a bunch of Mean Girls who have Never Been Kissed, we hope that you still give this episode an Easy A.

Don’t you forget about us! Press play so we can tell you more, tell you more!

8 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 108: Making the Grade

      1. Can I help it if I have a good memory? I remember you both mentioned movies that came out the year you graduated. I didn’t even have to ask the Reverse Listener for access to the spreadsheet to figure it out.

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