Baconsale Episode 101: Documentary Starter Kit

And here we have Baconsale in its natural habitat: talking about movies. Not just any movies, though. They seem to be discussing documentaries. Kent, the critic of this species, has joined with Joel, the dominant comedian, to create a list of 10 non-fiction films that will help people understand that the word “documentary” does not necessarily mean that the movie will be boring or dry. In fact, they seem to have piqued the interest of a nearby creature named Jacob – a reluctant observer.

Let’s listen and see what happens.

6 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 101: Documentary Starter Kit

  1. I love watching documentaries.. mostly War documentaries, I’m a wannabe history buff. There’s a few by David Reynolds on Netflix that are pretty awesome, “Man of Steel” was a really good one on Stalin.

    Only two other Docs I could think of that you didn’t have on your list that were pretty cool:

    Forks over Knives: It’s a Food Inc. like documentary that goes into a cool study by a nutritional scientist on the effects of animal products on the human body. It’s actually pretty compelling… up until near the end where they go to this animal farm where this person goes off on how we need to be sensitive to the feelings of animals… other than that it’s pretty awesome.

    Batkid: I could only make it through half an hour of this, just had a newborn and my heart was breaking for the parents. It’s really awesome what the city did to make this kid’s dream to be batman come true.

    Supersize me is SO entertaining. I miss supersized stuff though. Some days you just need a giant box of McDonalds fries. BTW saw something really weird yesterday. Apparently Wendy’s is going to start serving a Frosty with fries in it… I don’t think it will work as well as dipping hot fries into the frosty.. it sounds disgusting the way their proposal looked.

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    1. I’ve never understood the Frosty/fry thing. It’s not bad, it’s just two separate flavors that never really combine.


      1. I’ve only really enjoyed it when their fries were a lot saltier. Since they’ve changed their fries from the greaser cholesterol ones to the more healthy ones it’s been a disappointing mix.

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  2. A couple of documentary recommendations for Film-ies, these are all unbelievable:
    Jodorowsky’s Dune (f**ked up director, man and visionary’s attempt at producing/directing Dune)
    Spark: A Burning Man Story (Exactly what it sounds like and soo much more)
    Burden of Dreams (about the making of Werner Hertzogs epic Fitz Caraldo)


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