BaconBit: Beauty & the Beast Review

Be our guest and listen to our review of the 2017 live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast. Kent tagged along on Joel’s date with his wife to see the movie — or Joel’s wife ended up using Jacob’s ticket, depending on your perspective — and we are ready to give our spoiler-free and spoiler-full review of the latest Disney cash grab.

Is Emma Watson the Belle of the ball? Did we shudder at the Beast’s performance? Does anyone bite like Gaston? Press play and find out!

8 thoughts on “BaconBit: Beauty & the Beast Review

  1. Quotes from Critics on Rotten Tomatoes (I got a kick out of these):

    “Disney’s most politically palatable version of the fairytale yet!”

    “… Like being force fed candy for two hours.”

    “…the best movie musical in years, and one that deserves to be seen on the big screen.”

    Thoughts guys?

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  2. Not gonna lie, I wasn’t going to watch this before the Lefou news, the controversy made me just hate the director and Gad for making a mountain out of a mole hill (that wasn’t really there apparently), and I trust what you guys are saying here. Nothing you guys talked about here made me think this movie is worth watching at all, and I’m ok with that. Disney’s live action movies are superfluous and I’m yet to see one that’s worth watching at all.

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  3. We’ll be seeing this movie. I have enjoyed the live action remakes. I like what Joel said that it’s a novelty or like reading the book then seeing the movie but still liking the book better. Or even what you said about how of you’d go see the stage play you’ll like this movie. I like seeing stories I love made in different ways. I like both the Colin Firth and the Kiera knightly pride and prejudices as well as the book. I hope that one day in my lifetime the Harry Potter movies are remade.

    Anyway, what I’m saying is I think there is room out there for both cartoon and live action versions of movies and to discount a movie simply because it was a cartoon first seems unduly harsh.

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    1. My problem isn’t that it was a cartoon first, I just don’t revisit movies all that often and watching a live action version just doesn’t really interest me. I have watched a lot of them and have yet to really enjoy any of them. They’re all just kind of “meh” to me. So I guess my lack of motivation isn’t really not watching a movie because it’s a remake, it’s just that Disney has shown me nothing to justify seeing any of there other ones. Maleficent was awful, Cinderella was ok (fell asleep), Jungle Book was meh, and Alice in Wonderland… was awful.. just so bad.

      I can definitely identify with seeing movies done in different ways, Harry Potter remakes would be interesting. I’d really like to see the Star Wars prequels remade… or rebooted… Also Colin Firth played an excellent Mr. Darcy. Have you seen Jane Eyre with Michael Fassbender? Awesome movie. My wife made me watch it and it was fantastic.

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      1. It’s not that I’m discounting it for being a cartoon first, it’s just they didn’t change enough to justify making a different movie. The live-action Cinderella at least rounded out the characters a bit more, this one just seemed lazy and unnecessary.


  4. I did see Jane Eyre. It was okay.

    I also don’t usually watch movies either but i think that’s why i like remakes because i get to see the story again but with new eyes.

    I hated Alice (fell asleep) because I really didn’t want to see it in the first place due to Johnny Depp’s roll and only watched it because it was the holidays and that’s what everyone decided to rent. never saw Malificent. But is Malificent a remake or a reboot? But I really liked the live action Cinderella. Maybe it’s because of Lily James but I did like the fuller story. The cartoon Cinderella was always meh to me.

    I had high hopes that the Jungle Book would be more like the book in the live action but was disappointed. I still liked the movie though.

    I hope future releases will be more like Cinderella.

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