Baconsale Episode 97: Tournament of 90s Alternative Bands

Come As You Are and listen to Baconsale’s battle of 90s alternative bands. And while some of you may be saying Good Riddance to the grunge era, Kent, Joel and Jacob have been Desperately Wanting to do this for a while. We had So Much to Say, which is why this episode runs Everlong. And we don’t mean to give you the Run-Around, but we don’t go The Distance this episode. This is only part one Round Here. It’ll be One Week or so before we finish the tournament. We had Good Intentions, but we had to let it Linger.

So Come Out and (press) Play on this latest episode of Baconsale!

Download Baconsale Alternative Bracket

23 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 97: Tournament of 90s Alternative Bands

  1. POTUS beats Third Eye Blind?!?! Motorcycle Drive By, Non-dairy Creamer, Ten Days Late, Blinded, Crystal Baller!!! How dare you. POTUS had Lump, and Peaches (one of the most Pop songs of the 90’s). How dare you. Third Eye Blind is more Iconic 90’s AND more technically sound. Again, How. Dare. You.

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      1. It’s ok, I’ll always have Hopper. I don’t think anyone will ever get madder than Joel and Drew did when Hopper got that well deserved win.


      2. Yeah my butt-hurtness isn’t even close to his right now… Oasis wasn’t even really that good, plus they were jerks so…

        I also don’t really get the hate for TMBG.

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  2. Bare Naked Ladies was my first concert and I almost caught a guitar pick! Yea, I didn’t really go as a teenager, but I love them and I listen to the concert track every road trip.
    I really love 90’s music because it takes me back. Grunge was my thing as I wore my dark eye liner, blue button up shirt over my white t-shirt and my hair covering my face. Man, the good old days!

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      1. Not that anyone asked! But my first concert was Garth Brooks. Followed by Phish. My older bro have me the Phish tickets for my birthday. They sucked. I did see TMBG in concert in DC in 2004. They did a free concert on Pennsylvania Ave. Pretty great concert.

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  3. Here is my bracket
    I based mine off of which of them I would rather listen to now. It was tough because most of the bands I love were put on the left making me choose who to sacrifice. While the ones on the right were ones I didn’t really care as much for. For example I have 311 going quite far even though I can’t stand them because I can’t stand the ones they are up against even more.
    I am disappointed you guys knocked out The Wallflowers first round. One Headlight is my 4th most played song in my music collection, but I love the whole album as well. I had to give it to the Cranberries vs The Wallflowers because of the shear volume of amazing music from The Cranberries, but for The Wallflowers to be wiped out first round is just unacceptable.
    I can understand why you went with Nirvana, but Foolish Games is one of my favorites.. I could listen to an album of just the sad violin from Foolish Games. With all the other good songs on the album I have to give it to Jewel.

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  4. So I just discovered you guys. I generally don’t listen to podcasts or talk radio. The one thing that drives me crazy is that everybody talks and laughs at the same time . That’s what I call the “Radio from Hell” syndrome… Where the person speaking thinks that every single drivel out of their mouth is the funniest freaking thing they’ve ever heard or said. That said, I really enjoyed your 90’s Alternative March Madness bracket show.
    A couple of things…
    First of all, and foremost … The Nine Inch Nails album to which you refer, is not called Pretty Little Hate Machine!! Look again!! Secondly … it didn’t come out until October of 1989, which means it’s barely a 80’s album by 2 months. So to say they were more of an 80’s band then a 90’s band is pretty ridiculous. Thirdly… speaking of the Charles Manson Murders… the incident in Sharon Tate’s house wasn’t “a” Manson murder, it was “the” Manson Murders. And fourthly… let’s not forget… MATCHBOX 20 KNOCKING THEM OUT OF THE COMPETITION?!? What are guys, high?!
    Okay that’s the end of my rant… I’ll climb down from my soapbox. The rest of it was pretty okay. The only other one I really disagree with was POTUS beating Third Eye Blind. Even though I like POTUS better I think TEB should have won.
    So keep it up. I can’t wait to hear the second half of your show.
    Long the Utah alternative scene!

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    1. Yeah, I flinched when I listened and heard myself say “Pretty Little Hate Machine.” I guess I was just getting the iconic NIN album mixed up with Kent’s favorite show, Pretty Little Liars.
      Secondly, the Mason family murdered more than just those in Sharon Tate’s home. Don’t forget about Gary Hinman, as well as Leno LaBianca and his wife, Rosemary.
      Thirdly, we’re glad you’ve found us, and we hope we never catch “Radio from Hell” syndrome. 🙂


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