Baconsale Episode 71: End of 2016 Movie Preview

With a mediocre summer movie season winding to a close, it’s time for Baconsale to look to the future and discuss the rest of the films coming out in 2016. ‪#‎CreepyKent‬ is off in la la land picking hipster choices, Joel is distracted by Halloween and Jacob is sewing his Amish roots back home, so he’s not even there. No worries, though, we brought on our good friend Sean Peek to fill in for him.

So press play and find out what films we’re looking forward to during the fall and winter of 2016, which movies we want to bomb and if Kent still dares to be the villain.

38 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 71: End of 2016 Movie Preview

  1. X-Men Apocalypse was awesome. They did a great job portraying the characters how they should be portrayed, I wasn’t crazy about the choice for Jean Grey by the end but she started out really good. The ending was… convenient. But the portrayal of everyone was a breath of fresh air.

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  2. I was rooting for Star Trek Beyond to bomb as well. Haven’t seen it yet, but I’m still really skeptical. Also, random venting moment, Star Trek Discovery sounds stupid. I’m really perturbed by everything I’ve heard, it sounds like a pile of SJW influenced junk. It’s like the Ghostbusters cast and Production got the rights to launch a Star Trek tv series… blech..

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    1. I also hate that they are sidestepping the reboot basically by putting it 10 years before the first of the new trilogy… So we get Star Trek Enterprise 2.0 with a female lead (which we’ve gotten in Voyager already). I’m not happy about this. I could come up with way better pitches for a rebooted universe series than that garbage STD they’re going to put out.


    1. How good does it really have to be though? I mean… We have the prequels and the Holiday special… if it’s better than those I’ll be happy. So far I think they’ve kept above that standard, and Rogue one looks to meet that as well, from what we have seen to this point.


  3. I haven’t seen any of Kent’s most anticipated summer movies for this summer.
    And I have only seen Capt America Civil War from Joel’s list, and I enjoyed it too. I was not disappointed at all.


  4. I would be very happy if Hollywood figured out that Johnny Depp is past his prime and stopped trying to put him into every zany role out there. He was the lowlight of Into the Woods, and he was the reason I did not go see the Lone Ranger and Alice in Wonderland.

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  5. I also liked Star Trek Beyond. It was a fun movie, and I also hope the series keeps going.

    (gonna consolidate the rest of my live commenting into one long comment)

    I think Kevin Spacey must have lost a bet to do 9 Lives.

    Most Anticipated Movies:

    Kents List:
    Assassin’s Creed – I’m not excited about this. I never played the game, but the plot seems too complex.
    The Arrival – I like Amy Adams, so I think we’ll see it. I didn’t know I should avoid the trailer. But the trailer I saw called it Story of Your Life, and that didn’t make sense to me.
    Hacksaw Ridge – Is it a sequel to Brokeback Mountain? Okay, I remember the preview and I am excited about this one too.
    Blair Witch – Not excited about this one.
    La La Land – What the heck is this?

    In sum: I am excited by two of Kent’s five movies, but La La Land might be an honorable mention.

    Joel’s List:
    The Accountant – I haven’t heard of it, but sounds kind of fun. I like Anna Kendrick too. Kent your totally wrong there.
    Magnificent 7 – For some reason I can’t get excited about any movie titled with an adjective and then the number of characters in the team.
    Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – I hope this is good. I do want the magic of Potter to come back too, but I despise how political JK has become.
    Rogue One – Who do you think you are Joel? I’m excited for this, and I am excited for Emily coming back on the show to talk about it! (Don’t forget about Ewok Adventure!!!)
    Dr. Strange – I’m kind of excited about this too,

    In sum: I am excited by 4 of Joel’s five movies. Joel wins this round.

    My List:
    Jack Reacher, The Arrival, Fantastic Beasts, Dr. Strange, Rogue One
    Honorable Mentions: Hacksaw Ridge, La La Land

    Inferno: The book was not good. I was not happy with it.

    Batman v. Superman awakened Kent’s moderate side.

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      1. I have read Angels and Demons, Da Vinci Code, Lost Symbol, Inferno, and Deception Point. So, Angels and Demons was good, as was the Da Vinci Code. I enjoyed them and could get into their stories. Lost Symbol was okay. But Inferno was bad. I could not get into the premise and I realy hated the ending. Deception Point was okay. Nothing special. I rank them A&D-3 Stars, DVC – 4 stars, LS – 2 stars, Inferno – 1.5 stars, DP – 2.5 stars.

        Now, I get to amaze you with my own Da Vinci Code theory. Assuming the premise of DVC is correct and the body of Mary Magdeline is in fact buried somewhere special because she was the wife of Jesus Christ, I have my own theory about where she lies to rest. DVC, especially the book, made a big deal about male and female symbolism – the blade and chalice. And in the end, (SPOILER ALERT) the Louvre is her final resting place because the pyramid and inverted pyramid at the Louvre represent the blade and chalice, and she is surrounded by amazing works of art. I have a better idea for a museum where she might be resting. The Victoria and Albert Museum in London, better known as the V&A. The V and the A represent the chalice and the blade respectively (and match up with the names), so that is a big clue. Then, when you go in, there are two large galleries full of plaster casts of famous sculptures from around the world, including: Michelangelo’s David, The Trajan Column (in two pieces), and a portion of the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland that plays a big part at the beginning of DVC. Coincidence? I think not. Then underneath the Rosslyn chapel there is a cast of a sarcophagus with the sculpture of a female laying on the lid. So, you have a female sarcophagus surrounded by art under the Rosslyn chapel cieling in a famous museum known by the two letters that most represent the blade and chalice…she’s gotta be there if she is anywhere other than buried in or near Jerusalem. You can see it here:


      1. Was that too long of a comment? I just like my theory better than Dan Brown’s. Plus, those cast courts in the V&A are one of my favorite places to go in London. You get to see life size replicas of famous sculptures all in one place. It’s amazing.


      2. BTW – If you ever do a Book to Movie episode (ie. Best and Worst adaptations of a book to the big screen), I offer my expertise. All you have to do is either come to Oregon to record the podcast or pay for my flight to SLC.


  6. You think, if anything Batman v Superman would make me more one-sided. Maybe I’m just preparing to be nicer to Rogue One because that episode wasn’t a highlight.


      1. Ok, ok, I admit it I intentionally liked that comment. But I mean, look at it! That was some apt observation, and look at that grammar! I deserve at least a 3/5 stars for that one.

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