BaconBit: Captain America: Civil War Review

Yes, we know that Baconsale Episode 4 is already titled “Civil War,” but that title was actually referring to the war of opinions that Kent and Joel had regarding Avengers: Age of Ultron. This episode features our actual review of Captain America: Civil War. And yes, the first 15 minutes are spoiler free.

Has Kent finally found a Marvel movie that he likes? Is this movie Disney enough for Joel? Does Jacob agree with Steve Rogers, or is he Team Iron Man? It’s time to find out. Pick a side and press play!

14 thoughts on “BaconBit: Captain America: Civil War Review

      1. No, I’ve got a couple of kids under three so I probably won’t see it until it comes out on Redbox. I don’t mind spoilers for Marvel though, I’m not super crazy about the films so if a spoiler gets thrown out there with them I don’t mind, you know?


  1. What I hated about Civil War was that they blamed the Avengers for all the deaths and property damage. I just wanted to scream at those politicians. ( What if the Avengers had not been there? Should they just let the aliens invade New York? Even the opening battle of Civil War, were they just supposed to let these bad guys escape with that bioweapon? Although I did wonder why they didn’t just take out the tires on the garbage truck with that drone, before it turned into a battering ram.) I get that it was a device for introducing conflict, but maybe there was another way.


      1. I guess, Tony Stark has something to do with all the damage from Age of Ultron, since it was his artificial intelligence that created Ultron. So, I understand why Tony might need some oversight…


  2. I think Zemo did want to make sure the Tony Stark came to Siberia because he deliberately ordered room service at his hotel which caused the server to find the dead body in the bath tub. That was the catalyst for Friday discovering the anomaly that Zemo was Bucky and the psychiatrist.

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  3. I liked it. I do think that the plot has a lot of holes, as always happens when you have a villain who can supposedly plan so far in advance (like the Raoul Silva in James Bond could plan the subway crashing through to head off his escape route.), and I still have some questions, but I thought it was good. My wife enjoyed it, but has decided that any future avengers movies will be watched at home so she can pause and ask questions or look up back story. I do wish I had watched a youtube Everything you need to know about Avengers before you see Civil War video.


      1. Yes, maybe next time you do a bacon bit for a movie like this, between your reviews of the movie and your spoiler-full section, you could have a “Things you need to know before seeing this movie” section. Since sometimes getting a hint about what you might need to know is kind of spoilery, you might need to give some warning, but these Avengers movies could do with a short “Last time on Avengers” section at the beginning.


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