Baconsale Episode 11: Raters Gonna Rate

In this episode, Joel tries to explain his 5-star rating system, while Kent tries to find the fault in Joel’s stars. Kent also thinks he earns some courage points by daring to be the enemy…

“Two Thumbs Up!” declares the late Siskel and Ebert!

31 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 11: Raters Gonna Rate

  1. The worst thing you can do is not be a fence sitter, it is to be a hater of pretty much every movie that isn’t dark and thought provoking.


  2. I don’t think the rating system: stars vs. thumbs vs. letters vs. percentages vs numbers, is the problem. I think the problem is the ratings criteria. What constitutes a 5 star vs 2 star or thumbs up vs thumbs down or 85% vs. 10%


  3. So, Kent rags on Joel for giving half stars, but then he gives + and – to his letter ratings which means he could have a scale of 15 levels, whereas Joel’s scale has 10.


  4. Kent still has to give definitions of his A-F ratings system. No system is perfect, the key is to have understandable definitions.


  5. You gave UP a D?!?! My only beef with UP is that it didn’t need a villain. Plus talking dogs are awesome—SQUIRREL!!!


  6. Instead of comparing your ratings for specific movies, I want to hear Joel attempt to rate movies using Kent’s system and vice versa


  7. I like Joel’s better, mostly because I think Kent hates on too many movie genres that I really like (pixar, marvel, etc.). I would trust a rating from Joel to describe a movie I would like or not like better than a rating from Kent.


  8. Ok, so I kind of lives the new Pixar movie, mostly because I have a kid who can’t describe his feelings and I was hoping the movie would help.
    Clinton heritage days. We’ll totally have to come on a date.
    So, Joel, I think your rating system is a little confusing. It just had a lot of criteria. I actually liked listening to Kent’s reviews on the radio and I liked how he rated them.


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