Baconsale Episode 12: To Bae or Not to Bae

Millennials get a bad rap, so Kent and Joel decide to converse with one in this episode of Baconsale. It isn’t long before the Baconsale boys discover how old they really are. Plus, they attempt to educate their young guest (Brandon) on the finer things in life in regard to film, television and music. Grab your bae and give it a listen! This episode is totally on fleek!

29 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 12: To Bae or Not to Bae

  1. I found a thing that days we’re the Oregon trail generation. Find that explanation. I like how it fits with those of us born in the early 80’s who don’t feel like we fit in with gen x or millennial.


      1. I’m pretty sure I didn’t always die of it. I’m just happy they don’t lump me I the same generation as my kids. That would be awkward.


    1. I asked Brandon that, and this was his reply:
      “This job! So I always knew that I wanted to head out west since the only west coast state I’d been to was Hawaii which lets be honest for realz, Alaska and Hawaii are basically separate countries. Anyway, back in January I was offered an internship with Laptop mag, but I took USA Today because I had a place to live in DC and couldn’t afford NYC housing. Anyway, because of that I applied for the job here in Utah, since I already was familiar with Tech Media Network and had a lot of respect for the company. I saw you guys were growing and doing cool things so when I was offered the job it was a no brainer. I bailed on a different internship with Scripps that I was offered in DC and took the full time job instead. #noregrets”


  2. I think Brandon could provide some useful fodder to mock if instead of interviewing him, you just had his commentary. Like, the Disney movie ratings. Where does he stand on the Disney cartoon filmography? Of course he probably hasn’t seen most of them.


  3. This Brandon guy made me feel old.. and I’m 25!!! BTW Bae has been turned into an acronym which stands for “Before all else”, basically the same as babe. I am ashamed that I know that tidbit of info.


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