Baconsale Episode 374: Freaky Friday the 13th

In the summer of 1957, a young boy named Jason Voorhees drowned at Camp Crystal Lake in New Jersey. Since that tragic event, a string of murders has occurred in or around the campground, causing some to wonder if the area is cursed or even haunted by a masked, vengeful ghoul. This is the true story of Camp Blood…

Okay, so this is actually the plot of a highly successful horror film franchise called Friday the 13th. However, we are going to talk about it as if it were a true crime story for the first part of this episode of Baconsale. After we take off that mask, we’ll chat about the background of these films and use our combined scores to rank all twelve movies. Also, please note that while Joel will try to keep Kent’s descriptions of the killings as family friendly as possible, things do tend to get a little grisly when it comes to discussing slasher flicks.

Press-press-press! Play-play-play!

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