BaconBit: Ghostbusters: Afterlife Review

If there’s something strange in your rural Oklahoma neighborhood, who you gonna call to review it? Baconsale! On this BaconBit, we’re going to review the first true sequel to the Ghostbusters franchise since 1989. But will Ghostbusters: Afterlife hit all the right nostalgia notes? Or will it stumble trying to pander to the fans? You’ll have to listen to our review to find out. We must warn you, however, that Joel can’t tell the difference between Mckenna Grace and Kiernan Shipka. And even if you haven’t seen Ghostbusters: Afterlife yet, you can still listen to the first part of our review, as it is spoiler-free. We’ll warn you when we’re going to cross the spoiler streams.

Podcast says you should press play.

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