BaconBit: The Rise of Skywalker & Cats Review

Memory, all alone in the dark side. I can dream of the old films. They were beautiful then. I remember the time I knew what Skywalkers were. Will the saga live again? Our season may have ended, but we couldn’t leave you hanging when two of the most anticipated movies of the year were released. So, on this BaconBit, Kent & Joel are going to review both Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and Cats. We watched them on the same day, so comparisons are inevitable. But will this final chapter in the sequel right the wrongs Baconsale found in The Last Jedi? And will we ever figure out what “Jellicle” means? Press play to find out.

And don’t worry, the first part of this BaconBit is spoiler-free, so even if you haven’t seen either movie, you can still listen!

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