Baconsale Episode 118: Phantom vs. Les Mis

Think of us. Think of us fondly as we debate plays. We’ve brought along our special guest, Brittney, to pit The Phantom of the Opera against Les Misérables. At the end of the day/episode we’ll declare which musical is best by discussing such categories as best characters, catchiest song and greatest (biggest?) legacy. Joel goes full theatre geek, Kent becomes everyone’s favorite mutant uncle and all we ask of you is to listen to the music of the night and to play along.

Who are we? Who are we? We’re Baconsaaaaaaaaaaale!

2 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 118: Phantom vs. Les Mis

  1. This one was good! My brothers are theater junkies and I totally grew up listening to both sound tracks over and over. I had no idea what the stories were for both of them, but I loved the music. I always wished I could sing like all the female characters, but I have an alto voice with no vibrato. I also like Les Mis more than Phantom, just because I would rather sing all the Les Mis songs more than Phantom.
    Brittney was awesome and I’d totally love to go see her in her next production. I mean, you guys are all great to listen to, but it’s fun having someone else thrown in the mix.

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