Baconsale Episode 95: Masters of the DC Cinematic Universe

Oh no! The DC Extended Universe is in trouble! Who can possibly save them? Wait! What’s that on the airwaves? It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Baconsale!

Kent, Joel and Jacob are ready to discuss the current woes of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the DC Extended Universe. Then they brainstorm what DC can do next to battle against the money-making machine of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They suggest directors, recommend actors and they even pitch ideas for future movies — well, Joel pitches ideas. Kent reads his entire original screenplay.

So press play and, if you’re a studio executive from Disney or Warner Bros., we’re willing to discuss any offers you may have for us. Money offers. For our amazing ideas.

11 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 95: Masters of the DC Cinematic Universe

  1. Kept my 27 year streak of never watching the Academy awards alive last night. I’m guessing it was just as Narcissistic as usual. Apparently there was a Steve Harvey moment with Best Picture? Wow. How dramatic. Fun.


  2. I think we’ll hit Superhero movie fatigue by the end of next year. The last couple Marvel movies that have come out weren’t that great.. Though I haven’t watched Dr. Strange yet… Not even sure I really care to, is it worth watching?

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  3. I’m ending my short comment section hiatus because I couldn’t keep away from this topic.

    I’ve said this to other people, and about half agree with me and the other half vehemently argue with me, but the Marvel DC rivalry is actually really similar to the Star War Star Trek rivalry. On one side you have the popcorn-movie Marvel and Star Wars films that have very large fairweather fan bases, don’t really aspire to a lot of technical depth, are fairly predictable, and play it safe. On the other side you have DC and Star Trek who don’t have as large of fan bases, they have more varied and challenging storylines, tend to be more technically thought out, are more unpredictable, and (other than suicide squad) don’t steer away from tough plot points or character deaths.

    The funny thing about it is generally, the fan bases look pretty similar too. The Marvel Star Wars fan bases are more in it for the fun and spectacle, while the DC Star Trek fan bases are more in it for the mental challenge and nuance.

    Thoughts guys? Help me flesh this thought-line out.

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    1. To add to this, Star Trek preceded Star Wars, just like DC preceded Marvel, and both Star Trek and DC have made considerably less than Star Wars and Marvel.

      I am a big fan of all of the franchises… though if it weren’t for Xmen, then Marvel wouldn’t come close to any of the other 3… I guess a second question here is how would you guys rank these franchises?

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      1. I think that’s a good question for another show. 🙂
        And I think the Star Wars/Star Trek comparison is actually pretty accurate.

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  4. Random question on the VidAngel Clearplay thing, VidAngel had been putting out some reports that Clearplay has been basically shutdown since September or so… Fake news? I’m confused over all of this stuff since VidAngel got shut down.


    1. From what I can tell, ClearPlay is still releasing filters for new releases on DVD and Blu-ray, but not streaming. I have heard (from ClearPlay) that there was a “glitch” that is preventing them from syncing up their streaming filtering service with Google Play. That was three or four months ago.

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    2. I’ve never used Clearplay, is it good? I loved using Vidangel because I had so much control over specifically taking things out. Is clearplay basically just a new version of the old bleep machines you could buy and hook up to a DVD player? Like it’s just a blanket editing bot?


      1. I’m a fan. I’ve been using ClearPlay since 2007 or so. I did really like the control VidAngel gave me, but ClearPlay does a pretty good job with customizing. They have specific filters such as Vulgarity, Nudity, Sex, Bloodshed, Violence and Blasphemy, and then you select whether you want No Filtering, Low Filtering, Medium Filtering or High Filtering. It’s not a perfect system and sometimes it over-edits, but I’ve found it to be pretty reliable.

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