Baconsale Episode 91:Baconsale-Approved Movie Theater Etiquette

It’s time to kick off your shoes and enjoy our latest episode. Well, maybe you’d better keep your shoes on, because we’re talking about movie theater (theatre?) etiquette. We discuss cell phones, we debate about loud talking and we chat about bringing noisy little kids to R-rated horror films. We also argue about your suggestions regarding stinky food, bathroom breaks, candy wrappers, PDAs and more basic guidelines for going to the movies.

So whether you go to the Cinemark, the Megaplex, AMC or Regal Cinemas, press play and let us teach you some lessons on basic human decency at the movie theatre (theater?)!

11 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 91:Baconsale-Approved Movie Theater Etiquette

  1. I agree with most of these and now that I’m realizing all the things people do in movie theaters, like teenagers hanging out without pants on, I kind of never want to go to a theater again. It’s just gross. Do they shampoo those seats ever?!

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      1. Why did you have to ask that question? I had to google it, and it’s not pretty. I would much rather google ring avulsion again than google “Do movie theaters clean their seats?” again.

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  2. On Twitter I mentioned that I trust the baconsale awards more than the Oscars, and what I meant was that I trust your choices for best movies in 2016 more than I trust the Acadamy to really pick the best movies. But that got me thinking. I think you ought to have a baconsale awards show. You can give an award to your best guest host. You can give a best picture award. Best TV show award, etc. etc. But really, the focus of the awards show should be showing appreciation to the Listener. You could give awards for:
    the best listener submitted episode idea
    the best Spencer
    best facebook comment
    best twitter comment
    best comment
    best photoshop representation of one of Joel’s band names
    (that’s why I try to comment on all platforms so that I have a better shot of winning something)
    best picture of the Listener wearing baconsale merchandise
    And then you have an overall “The Listener” award.
    You could have several weeks of lead up to the awards show so the Listener can prepare, make comments, submit photoshop work, etc. You could even do a kickstarter to help fund the awards (I recommend buying used barbie dolls, spray painting them gold, and calling them “The Kates”)
    You could even have a listener choice portion of the awards show, where the listener votes on the best shows of the last year, best host, best mediator, best episode picture, best intro, etc. Of course for most of these it would require Jacob to do a poll of the Listener that only he has access to the results of so that the results will surprise Joel and Kent. But maybe you want to prepare to play the intro that wins the best intro award.

    I could keep going, but you get the idea.

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      1. I pitched it back around the fearamid I think. Basically the bracket would be duos fighting it out. So like the supernatural brothers versus Edward and Bella, Han and Chewie vs Kirk and Spock, Batman and Robin vs Vader and Palpatine, Willard and Socrates vs Remy and th chef from Ratatouille all fighting it out to be the ultimate dynamic duo. Only downside is Hopper can’t make an appearance.. unless…


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