Baconsale Episode 77: From Pee-wee to Peregrine – Tiering Tim Burton

Attend the tale of Baconsale!

Let us ease you into the Halloween spirit with an episode all about one of the most macabre modern film directors, Tim Burton. Kent and Joel have watched all of the movies that Burton has directed to date and they are now ready to rank each one on a three-tier scale. Along the way, Joel shares Tim Burton stats, such as how many times Burton has actually used Johnny Depp in his films, Kent drools over Eva Green (or is it Large Marge?), and Jacob giggles at the name Frankenweenie.

So say Baconsale three times and press play! It’s showtime!


18 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 77: From Pee-wee to Peregrine – Tiering Tim Burton

  1. I appreciate that you apologized to me for the month of horror movie podcasts. I am going to give you guys a chance this October. And since I have seen a lot of Tim Burton (not everything, of course), I might like this episode. Though I started listening to this podcast while doing dishes and in my mind, every time you said “Helena Bonham Carter” I kept thinking of Bonnie Hunt – even though I totally know the difference, probably because you described her as “a parent” and there is no actress more like a parent than Bonnie Hunt. Anyway, I kept trying to picture Tim and Bonnie (even though I was thinking she was Helena) married and knew I must be getting something wrong. I just paused the podcast and looked up Helena and realized I was wrong, then it took me a while to figure out the name of the actress I was picturing as Helena. Now, back to the podcast. Oh before I forget, I think I laughed out loud most on your Olympic podcast than any other, and while I liked your WWBD podcast, it wasn’t my favorite. I like ones where I learn something about shows or movies I like or might like, or imagining shows or movies that should or should not be made. I don’t much care how long it will take Kent to eat a sandwich off the floor of a public restroom. Of course it is good to switch things up a little, just don’t do a WWBD podcast every other week, and I warn you, it may only work for a podcast once because it took you so off guard. Now, back to the podcast.

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  2. Mars Attacks – Tier 3. I was bored. I actually think I fell asleep. It was dumb. I’m with Kent. I saw this in highschool I think, and was not impressed. Oh, I guess I’m with Joel too.
    Batman – Tier 1. It’s been a while. I can’t imagine anyone else being the Joker besides Jack Nicholson. I still can’t see Jack smile without thinking of him as the Joker.
    Dark Shadows – Never seen it. Never heard of it. Just looked it up and I still can’t remember it.
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Tier 3. Relied way too much on Depp. He should have gone with someone else as Willy Wonka. This was when I think I started really despising Depp. Yes Kent. I’m with you. I wouldn’t have liked Jim Carey either.
    Ed Wood – Never Seen it. Is this like a Twin Peaks pilot, so bad it’s good or Sharknado so bad it’s good? I was confused too. I thought you were saying Ed Wood was so bad its good. But it’s Plan 9 from Outerspace?
    [OK, the music in the background is really getting annoying.]
    Frankenweenie – Never seen it.
    Brave – I didn’t like Brave. Mostly because her name sounded like a Portuguese swear word.
    Edward Scissorhands – It has been a long time since I’ve seen this movie. Tier 2.
    Planet of the Apes – From what I remember I would say low Tier 2. It’s funny that Mark Walberg was replaced by Matt Damon cuz I get them confused sometimes. Tim Roth could have been good as Snape but I’m glad it was Rickman.
    Miss Peregrine’s Home – Haven’t seen it. I read the book. It is a series. I didn’t like the book.
    Beetlejuice or Bigfish – Big Fish.
    Beetlejuice – Tier 1.
    Big Fish – Tier 1. It could have been better with Spielberg.
    Pee Wee’s Big Adventure – Tier 1 (from my first viewing as a kid), but I’m not sure that will hold up.
    Sweeney Todd – Never Seen it, but it sounds like it would have been Tier 1 in spite of Tim Burton based on the music. But based on your description, I don’t think I’ll see it any time soon.
    Sleepy Hollow – Tier 1 because of Christina Ricci. Who didn’t love her?
    Corpse Bride – Never seen it.
    [Seriously, the music is kind of weird because it makes me feel emotions that are not in line with what you are saying]
    Batman Returns – Tier 2.
    Big Eyes – What is this? Never seen it. I’ve never even heard of it. I like Amy Adams too.
    Alice in Wonderland – Tier 5.
    (It’s actually pronounced wooster)
    Dumbo?!?!?! What? No Way.

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  3. Fun story! My brother was on our high school improv team and they played mousetraps. One day, he started the game off with coming up with an excuse to roll across the stage… he full on laid down and rolled across a stage of mousetraps. Genius move to get laughs… but what a price..

    I loved the WWBD and Bathroom etiquette podcasts. I totally agree with the review you read where the guy said it was like hanging out with his friends, I said that in my review as well. I appreciate the variety of shows that you guys do and every once in a while getting one of those game-type podcasts is really fun. I think the 3 weeks in a row of the Disney tournament illustrated why you can’t just do movie-centric podcasts all the time. You can only speak on a subject so much before it gets old.

    SO EXCITED IT’S OCTOBER!!! Favorite Baconsale month of the year! I haven’t seen a lot of horror movies, but I enjoyed last year hearing about them. Wish I could watch more but my wife doesn’t like them at all.

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    1. Wow! This is the first time I have to say you’re nuts. Let’s just remember chain-smoking Margot Kidder (who could easily be confused with Marlon Brando). Also, you probably forgot about Kate Bosworth. Most people do.

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      1. Amy Adams is one of the best Lois Lanes. I would probably go with Teri Hatcher and Amy Adams. Erica Durance was not a typical Lois Lane, so I actually wouldn’t even consider her as Lois Lane, just a person who happened to have the same name as Lois Lane. I think Allison Mack played a better Lois Lane as Chloe Sullivan. So, here is my ranking: Hatcher, Adams, Mack, Durance, Bosworth, Kidder.


      2. Consider my opinion retracted. I’m wrong haha Wow, I got checked here. I just didn’t really feel like she was playing a character in Man of Steel. She was better in Batman v. Superman. I haven’t really seen a Lois Lane that I felt really did the character justice, but to be fair I haven’t had much interest in seeking out and watching Superman movies.


      1. Hmmm… maybe I should consider retracting my retraction… Honestly, and this may sound really dumb, but Amy Adams would be a lot better if she died her hair. It would show she’s actually making an effort. She’s not believable to me, and it feels like she’s not even trying to play someone, she’s just herself in the Superman universe.


      2. I can’t believe you’re putting Margot Kidder ahead of Teri Hatcher. Do I need to recite her poem again? Ew, your taste. Should we change the name of the podcast to MargotSale (Robbie for me, Kidder for you)

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      3. Chadwick, you are easily swayed. Kent, the more I listen, the more I find i have in common with you. As a kid, I never understood Superman’s attraction to Kidder’s Lois Lane. I still don’t. So Kent, what are your rankings?


  4. Fun episode… but Tim Burton does nothing for me. He’s had some great films but honestly his name being tagged onto a movie gives me more doubt than hope that it will be good. Went to listen to this a second time and changed my mind, listened to Podcast of the Dead instead. I’ll agree the music was more distracting in this episode than any of the Halloween episodes from last year. Also.. Kicking a horse to death?! What the…. How many questions were cut from last episode? I’m really curious as to what they were too.

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    1. So was the music too loud? Or just distracting because it didn’t match the movies being discussed? Should we leave music out altogether?
      And you should know that Jake tried to ask another one. He never gives up.


      1. I’d say it’s a mix, some of the tracks came on a little louder than others, and I remember a batman track came on and caught me thinking it didn’t fit, but you could have been talking about batman. I don’t remember. Some tracks were just louder than others when they came on.

        I actually like it when you guys have music going on in the background, and I also like that you save it for October. I’ll say the Podcast for the dead music was perfect and i remember the other ones being great last year too.

        Now I’m curious what his questions were! Was it worse than the horse one? If so, maybe I don’t want to know.


      1. Not always right in a row, but generally I’ll listen to the episodes twice, sometimes three times… Haven’t really found other podcasts that I like as much as Baconsale. Most of them either talk about nothing and are really unstructured, which is just noise to me, or they’re too structured which sounds like a newscast and doesn’t interest me. You three have hit the perfect mix and talk about stuff that interests me and there’s a good variety of topics I can choose to listen about. Plus, no one is as responsive as you guys to listeners which makes it a lot more engaging and fun.

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