Baconsale Episode 75: The Baconsale Pitch Project

As we all know, most franchise reboots are the spawn of Satan himself sent to ruin movies and destroy lives. However, some sequels (like Mad Max: Fury Road and Jurassic World) have helped to revitalize an otherwise dead film series.Therefore, much to Kent’s delight, he and Joel have each been tasked to come up with three sequel pitches that could resurrect an old franchise, if only Hollywood would listen. While Jacob spends most of the time complaining about how Sam Raimi pronounces his name and how he missed out on a certain comedy/horror movie during his childhood.

Also, WARNING: We say “hell” a lot in this episode. However, don’t worry, we’re mostly talking about the place, so it’s in context and Joel still considers it family friendly.

26 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 75: The Baconsale Pitch Project

      1. I always blame Jacob. I could blame Kent, but Kent is a known quantity – you knew what he was when you picked him up. Of course he would advocate for Hopper. It was Jacob who gave his arguments legitimacy. UGGGHH. 😉

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  1. The “I am the Listener” t-shirts are an awesome idea hahaha so excited about the baconsale store. Are we going to get Jacob bobbleheads? Will there be a special-edition Amish Jacob Bobblehead?


  2. I actually really like the Pitch episodes.. My wife thinks that Joel and Kent sound the same, which I struggled with at first too but I think that’s mostly because I didn’t really listen to podcasts regularly before Baconsale. I think what makes Baconsale awesome is the variety of shows, and the structure you have in the shows. By structure I mean, you seem to have a general direction and plan for the shows before you record and it helps the discussion keep moving without stagnating on a single topic, while at the same time not being too strict with “segment” parts of a show that other podcasts do, which really bug me sometimes. It’s almost like listening to a news segment.

    If I’m counting right the categories of shows Baconsale does are:
    Pitch Shows
    Categories and Quizzes
    Top 10 (or 5.. or ranking parts of a series) lists
    Head-to-Head shows (Star Wars ep.1 v ep. 2 for worst prequel, Spy v Spy v Spy, etc.)
    And now the Etiquette shows

    Do you guys pick shows you want to do as you come up with them or do you use categories to fit them in first? Am I just really overthinking this?… Yeah probably. I’m an analyst at work though so it’s kind of what I do.

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    1. That’s pretty impressive! We generally pick the topic first, but there have been some times when we say “We haven’t done a versus show in a while,” or something like that.
      I think you nailed our types of shows pretty well, here’s what I have: Pitches, Categories, Lists, Guests, Quizzes, Reviews, Rankings, Tournaments, Discussions, Versus and Games. Some of those can overlap, though.
      However, did you know that each episode has it’s type in the keywords and you can click on “Categories” and see all the Category shows? Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

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  3. I thought I had no idea what Monster Squad was. I even looked it up on IMDB. It wasn’t until you said, “Kick him in the nards!” that I remembered that I did see this movie. I still don’t remember anything else, even after you gave that synopsis, but that “kick him in the nards!” scene holds up. It was an iconic moment I guess.

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  4. As long as they don’t CGI the Luck Dragon (like they did to Yoda) and instead kept the animatronic luck dragon, I think Never Ending Story could be good. But all of us who loved the first one, were bitterly disappointed with the second movie, so I’m not sure we’d be willing to take a chance on this sequel.

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  5. Waterworld should have gotten a sequel back in the day. Now, it wouldn’t work. It might have worked if it came out before Fury Road, but now, it would look like Waterworld copying Mad Max again. No green light from me.

    B&T’s EFV: If you can can bring Keanu and Winter’s back together, it would totally be green lit.

    Monster Squad: Goals – Sorry, too obscure to be green lit, same with Drag Her Outa Hell. Both get the Red Light.

    ¿Three Amigos? Will get the green light. I like your idea. But when you first started, I was thinking that a good sequel could also be the Three Ami. Instead of Mexico, the Three Ami head north of the border to Quebec Canada – they swap there sombreros for mounty hats, and that’s as far as I thought before your great idea took over. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the flash-back scenes…will we be seeing the singing bush scene again but with your three actors (I only recognize J-Law) doing the scene instead of Steve Martin, and with a twist? And then they do the scene again when one of the other writers suggests a change to the script? You could even turn some scenes into 1940’s musical scenes – that’s how you bring in Buttercup.


  6. Random question here: Why haven’t you guys ever done a Star Trek episode? You mentioned watching the original series (BTW the reason the pilot you watched didn’t have anyone but Spock in it is because it was an unreleased pilot, that didn’t get released until the 80’s, episode 2 was technically the pilot) and there have been some references dropped every once in a while but I’m curious why no Trek episodes? Worried it would kind of end up like a Dr. Who episode where only a portion of the listener would enjoy it and the rest would be eye rolling?

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    1. I think it’s because it’s both our blind spots. I’ve seen TNG, and Joel’s seen a decent amount, but neither of us can wax Trekkie. That’d have to be a guest episode.


      1. And by a “decent amount” he means about five of the movies and about five episodes of the original series. That’s it. This is a total blind spot for me.


    2. I’d offer my services for a Trek episode but I’m not in Utah that much. Plus I’m pretty sure because I don’t own a Klingon outfit or something like that I wouldn’t fit a real trekkie’s definition of a Trekkie.


      1. I resemble none of that haha I’ve seen every series except for all of the original series (I’ve watched select episodes, I can’t handle the corny lines and it gets weird as you get further in) and enterprise (made it about half a season, it felt like a Star Trek CW series). I’ve watched every movie and went to Star Trek the Experience in Vegas 3 times before it closed. And, I’ve played the VCR board game with the Enterprise D which is hilarious and I highly recommend it.


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