Baconsale Episode 66: All-Female Ghostbusters’ All-Male Review

The power of Patty compels you to listen to this podcast!

Kent, Joel and Jacob must be chauvinist, misogynist sexists because, in this episode, they dare to objectively question whether the 2016 reboot of Ghostbusters is a good film or not. However, this is so much more than a simple movie review. In fact, we spend the first half of this episode talking about the controversy surrounding this remake and we discuss what films should never be remade. It’s not until around the 38-minute mark that we actually begin our spoiler-free review of the new Ghostbusters film and it’s not until 54 minutes in that we get into spoiler territory.

So even if you haven’t seen the movie yet, you can still enjoy the majority of this episode of Baconsale. If you don’t enjoy it, then you obviously hate men.

14 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 66: All-Female Ghostbusters’ All-Male Review

  1. I don’t mind remakes. In the theater we have been seeing remakes of Shakespeare for centuries, but we don’t mind. I know that they have to be remade since they are live, whereas movies can be seen again and again with the same performance quality. But I think the idea of remakes shouldn’t be a bad thing. I just think movies are relatively new, that it may be a while before they start getting the hang of doing remakes right.


    1. I like that perspective a lot. I think the key is to show respect for what you’re rebooting or remaking. If a show does that, even if the story is very different from the original or the source content, then it can be a success.


    2. I’m fine with a remake, but if the first performance got it right and did well, it should be left alone. Remakes should be reserved for movies that misfired, didn’t get enough attention or are extremely outdated. And there should be a 50-year grace period on each film before it’s allowed to be remade.


  2. Here is how they re-do the Matrix. They take that 360 degree camera technology we have been seeing on facebook, and they film the whole movie like that. Of course it would take a lot of improvement to be able to splice scenes together and add special effects, but in the end, you can choose where to focus your attention in the movie. Of course, it will be a VR movie rather than one you see in the theater but I think that is how they impress you with new technology similar to bullet time in the matrix.

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      1. You won’t though, because you will have complete control over where you look in the movie. So, you could see someone sneaking up on the a character if you’re looking in the wrong direction, or you just see the blood spray and then turn and look just in time to see the villain finish slashing the throat of the character. It all depends on where you look, and each time you watch it would be different based on where you were looking. It would be a completely different movie watching experience.

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    1. My favorite book series out in the past few years is Mistborn and I hope they take it to TV rather than to the theater like the author has been planning the past few years. Harry Potter would have been a great tv series.

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      1. I’m a fan of Sanderson too, and his books have way too much in them to be made into movies. I think Game of Thrones (even though I have never seen it) has shown that a really good book can be made into a great television series. And I don’t think it’s just because of the non-family friendly nudity of GoT that makes it popular. I read the first few books and if you can get past the non-family friendly scenes it really is a great story with great plot and character development. I just listen to most of my books these days, and it is harder to skip through those scenes so I had to stop. Have you read the Way of Kings series by Sanderson yet? I like it better than Mistborn even though the Way of Kings series is far from complete and Mistborn is a great series.

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      2. Yeah I’m just waiting on the next book in WOK. Mistborn shouldn’t be a movie and I’m kind of sad that it’s looking like it may go that route, but The Reckoners could easily be made into a trilogy (and I think Fox has the rights right now), the second Mistborn trilogy (alloy of law) could be a movie trilogy (Nathan Fillion could play the lead guy) and be great. We’ll see what happens. The Shannara chronicles that MTV is making and that’s on Netflix has been a disappointment. It’s all teen drama and random love triangles.


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