BaconBit: Beckinsale Wears Baconsale

What? Two BaconBits in two weeks? Yes, you’re that lucky! And so are we here at Baconsale, because the lovely Kate Beckinsale not only wore the shirt that we gave her to her (all thanks to our ridiculous Salt Lake Comic Con GoFundMe campaign), but she posted about it on social media. So, once again, get ready for three grown men to squee like a bunch of fangirls.

You can hear about our original encounter with Ms. Beckinsale here:

11 thoughts on “BaconBit: Beckinsale Wears Baconsale

    1. We’re working on finding a manufacturer that will give us a good deal so we can get you a good deal on Baconsale merchandise.
      Also, yeah, down with pervs!

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    1. Actually, I guess I can’t just upload my pics in a comment. So, you’ll have to view them on the baconsale facebook page. But thank you for the shout out!


  1. It was Saturday, June 4th, at about 1:30pm. I was sitting in my office at the Air National Guard Base in Klamath Falls, OR. I had just gotten done with meeting with a client and had some down time, so I pulled out my phone and checked my twitter feed. I don’t follow many people, so it didn’t take long for me to see that @baconsale had retweeted a photo of Kate Beckinsale wearing their baconsale t-shirt. I just about squeed but there were two other JAG attorneys in the office, but I smiled visibly which lead my coworkers to ask what was up. So I explained about my friends who do a podcast and how they met Kate Beckinsale and now she is wearing their shirt. They didn’t seem very impressed, but I was quite giddy, so I can only imagine the giddyup you guys had at seeing it. Anyway, congrats!


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