Baconsale Episode 60: After These Messages, We’ll Be Right Baconsale

Grab yourself a bowl of breakfast cereal and plop yourself down in front of the TV, it’s time to talk about Saturday morning cartoons! From The Flintstones to Pokémon, Joel and Kent are picking winners from beloved animated television shows of their childhood for a variety of categories. Plus, Jacob managed to find a cartoon quiz online to test the other two guys (since he was too busy farming as a child to watch things like Animaniacs and Duck Tales).

Feel free to play along, sing along and yell along with us as we dive deep into the land of nostalgia on this episode of Baconsale!

19 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 60: After These Messages, We’ll Be Right Baconsale

      1. Do you think it is a nice cool bottle of horsemilk? Then yes, it is what you think it is. (I was tempted to respond with something completely random a la Pinky and the Brain gimmick “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” but I couldn’t think of a more random answer than horsemilk)

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  1. So I’m starting to realize that I’m from a different era than you two. Pokemon was like the beginning of Saturday Morning Cartoons for me so I got to watch the last few good ones, holes get plugged with old greats, and then everything get overtaken by the Japanese stuff. So I had fun coming up with my list.

    Shouldn’t have worked but it did- Smurfs… definitely smurfs
    Cash Grab- Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (but it was pretty good)
    Everyone Watched but you- Yugi-Oh! I played the game.. hated the show.
    Hipster Choice- Roughnecks, it’s a 3-D animated series of Starship Troopers and it rocks.
    Needs a Reboot- Gargoyles. I’d also love a video game and live action movie by Christopher Nolan
    Best Duo- Norbert and Daggit from the Angry Beavers
    Handsome Dude- Optimus Prime.. Cuz why the heck not. I don’t pay attention to that.
    Hottest Female- Sora from Digimon. At the time I was into her but looking back it’s a weird moment I think haha
    Lamest Villain- Gary from Pokemon.
    Best Old Cartoon- SCOOBY DOO!!!
    Best Theme song- Xmen. No lyrics, but I still sing it emphatically.
    Best Minions- The Putties from Power Rangers.
    Best Villain- The Joker. It can’t not be the Joker.
    Guilty Pleasure- Teen Titans. I was too old to be watching this when it came out but I loved it.
    Most Girly Cartoon- Dunno, I avoided them like the plague
    Most Violent- Power Rangers… I was very impressionable and got it banned for a time from my home.
    Too Sacred to Reboot- Looney Tunes.

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    1. The funny thing with Pokemon was I only watched the first season. I was the early generation with Pokemon that got hooked with the show, moved to the video game and never watched the show again. I’m on the older edge of millennials, we are a strange sub generation that gets to enjoy late 80’s and early 90’s stuff as well as 2000’s stuff.


      1. Sonic’s chili dog obession was only in the cartoon, right? I mean, I never saw that in any of the games.
        I had to look up Sora. She seems. . .nice. . .
        I can’t believe we didn’t talk about Scooby-Doo more!


      2. Hey to 7 year old me she was awesome. At least I picked a human right? hahaha I was shocked the only mention of scooby doo was the mystery machine question. Yeah sonics chilli dog thing was only in the cartoon. There were actually two cartoons as well. In one of them you got to meet sonics girlfriend (or sister maybe? Can’t remember) , she was voiced by the guy that played Steve Urkel… I am not kidding, it was awful.


      3. well, at least with Sora you prove that you weren’t a shallow kid obsessed with looks. But if you continued to have a crush on her even now, well then I think you’d need to seek help. Whereas my continued crush on She-Ra is completely legit.


  2. Show that shouldn’t have worked but did: I like your answers, but I would add Gummie Bears – It was a show based on candy. Seriously?
    Cash Grab: Transformers – It was created to just sell toys.
    Show that Everybody Watched that I did Not: Voltron. My friends had the toys, but I never even knew when it was on. I liked Rugrats a lot. I hat Pokemon for killing Animaniacs. Animaniacs was awesome!!! I never watched Pokemon either. I was in Portugal 98-2000.
    Hipster Cartoon: Rocky and Bullwinkle – I never watched it, but it seems quite hipster.
    What show should be rebooted: GI Joe
    Best Duo: Good answers guys. I loved Animaniacs!!! My favorite show! I Liked the Good Idea Bad Idea vignettes.
    Hottest Male Character: Lion-O was not the hottest male character. If you’re going from Thundercats it would be Panthro. But I think the hottest male character has got to be Duke from GI Joe.
    Hottest Female Character: Cheetarah? Looking at her now, she’s not as hot as I remember. But She-Ra with that skirt? Dang!
    Least Effective Villain – Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadgets.
    Favorite Old School Cartoon – Woody Woodpecker
    Best Theme Song: Ducktales!!! Where I lived, all the DIsney cartoons were on in the afternoon after school. I watched TV solid from when I got home till 4:30.
    Best GI Joe public Service announcement: The kid trapped on the frozen pond.
    Best minions:
    Best Knock-Off Show:MASK – It was kind of a knock-off of Transformers. Fun show! However, funny story, I was very excited as a kid when I saw a movie called “Mask” listed in the TV Guide. I waited for the day, then I sat down to watch it, and it turned out to be a dumb movie with Cher about a kid with an ugly face. Nothing about the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand. Another Transformers knock-off that was pretty good: GoBots.
    Best Villain: I agree with the Joker.
    Guilty Pleasure: She-Ra
    Never Liked But still watched: Care Bears. I always thought Heathcliff was way better than Garfield.
    Most Girly Cartoon I actually watched: Care Bears. Care Bear STARE!!!!!
    Most Violent/Adult Cartoon: Ren and Stimpy
    What Show is Too Sacred to be Rebooted: Animaniacs. I don’t think theyd be able to recapture the magic.

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    1. Voltron! How could I forget Voltron! I always wanted to be the one who got to say “And I’ll be the head!”
      Did you ever serve in Maia? That’s where I lived with the Martins family and learned all about Pokemon from their son, Ruben.
      Who was more ineffective? Dr. Claw? Or Inspector Gadget himself?
      GoBots was one of my favorites, too. There were a lot of transforming robot cartoons, weren’t there?
      Yeah, and the Animaniacs is very 90s. If they kept it the same, it wouldn’t work, and if they changed it, it also wouldn’t work.
      Thanks for playing along, Drew!


      1. Nope. Never served in Maia. But you’re story about learning Pokemon names in Portuguese first, reminded me of watching a Backstreet Boys video at a member’s house, and I thought that the Backstreet Boys were some Euro boy band from England or something. I had no idea they were American.
        Well, Inspector Gadget was particularly ineffective, but that just means Dr. Claw was even more ineffective. He couldn’t pull off a crime without the bumbling Inspector Gadget foiling him again – Or should a I say, without Penny and Brain (so close to Pinky and the Brain, hmmmmmm) foiling him. Seriously an school girl and a dog could solve the crimes Dr. Claw tried to commit.

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