BaconBit: Baconsale Meets Beckinsale

Yes, thanks to your generous donations, Kent, Joel and Jacob were actually able to meet Kate Beckinsale at Salt Lake Comic Con! Yes, it was truly an amazing experience and we are very excited (maybe too excited) to tell you all about it. And yes, this BaconBit is almost as long as a regular episode – we can deal with it if you can deal with it.

And you can also check out our Facebook photo album of the event.

: There is more to this story! Check out what happened next at

20 thoughts on “BaconBit: Baconsale Meets Beckinsale

  1. I love that picture hahaha Joel you have this semi-look of terror hoping this picture turns out hahaha I will say, she is beautiful, she may have just cracked my celebrity crush top 3.


  2. I wish I had donated. Listening to the experience was awesome and kind of like being back in high school. That was very nice of Bethany to make you all shirts. I’m sure Kate will totally wear it. Do you plan on googling her name and baconsale every so often to see if she ever mentions you all? 😉


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