Baconsale Episode 59: Three X-Men and a Little Ranking

Let’s go, bub! It’s time for Baconsale to rank all eight of the X-Men films. However, it seems that Kent’s and Joel’s mutant ability is to disagree on which movie belongs where on their ranking charts. Joel angers Kent, Kent betrays Joel and Jacob just sits there and laughs at the two of them — just like the supervillain he is.

We also briefly review X-Men: Apocalypse. Don’t worry, it’s a spoiler-free review. We don’t even mention the part where Jean Grey is captured by Dumbledore and imprisoned in a cage in his office.

10 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 59: Three X-Men and a Little Ranking

  1. Kent’s list is spot on. Joel, X-3 is waaaaay worse than the wolverine. Easily the worst Xmen movie, it’s not even close, and that’s saying a lot with how bad Xmen origins was.

    I’d say it’s:
    1-Days of Future Past
    2- X-2, I’d say it’s a dead heat between the top two for the top spot.
    3- First Class
    4- the Wolverine
    5- Xmen 1, not a bad movie, actually a pretty good one, I’d say theirs a pretty big drop off from here to the bottom tier movies.
    6- Xmen Origins.. Blech
    7- X3 the last Friggin’ stand.

    I haven’t seen Apocalypse yet, but I’m really looking forward to it. Jennifer Lawrence was the wrong person to play mystique. She’s too big of a name, and Im sure the studio feels like they have to use her with all the money they’ve put into getting her and she’s just not that good in the role.


    1. When are you going to see Apocalypse? I’m interested to see where it stands on your list. And yeah, Who knew that Rebecca Romjin would out-act JLaw in every way?

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    2. I don’t really know when I’ll see apocalypse. It may also end up being a redbox movie. I’ll probably only get 1 chance to watch a movie in theaters this summer and is Apocalypse worth it? 3 of 4 of my regular sources have said no from what they’re reviews have said.

      Also, yeah who knew Jennifer Lawrence would phone in playing Mystique? I’m sure her added heavy involvement is just because the studio wants to get their money’s worth.


  2. Random episode idea:

    I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I think you should do a new type of episode called “How to do ___ right” in addition to your Rankings, Pitches, Dr. Matt, and Versus formats (I’m sure I’m missing one or two but these are the ones that came to mind). For example you could do an episode on book adaptations and talk about what elements are required for doing a good book adaptation and talk about ones that did it right and ones that messed it up. You could do one on time travel in films and how you think it should be done or any number of other topics. Just thought I’d throw it out there.

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  3. I haven’t rewatched many of the X-Men movies, but I would have to say that I think my top 4 are pretty even. I initially put First Class as my #1 followed by X-Men, then Days of Future Past and X-2 as #4. But some of your arguments were great. I do think that initial nightcrawler scene in X-2 was masterful. So, without re-watching them, I can’t say for sure which one is number 1. I can say for sure that X-3 The Last Stand was the worst. It is why I fear for Apocalypse. They have this huge all-powerful villain and somehow regular x-men working together can stop him/her.

    Great episode, but nowhere close to your facebook “teaser question”. I was getting geared up to hear a discussion of mutant abilities.


    1. That episode has been in the works since day one, but it would get very contentious. It would come down to a versus episode where punches may be thrown

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      1. Well, if punches are thrown. Let’s hope you have developed the ability to have spikes protrude from you face and head, cuz then whoever punches you is going to not be very happy that they just got spiked. Quill really is awesome.


      2. I just did a search for useless x-men powers and found it quite enlightening. Probably the dumbest is Eye-Scream. His power is the ability to change into various forms of icecream. I have no idea how evolution figured that one out, but I guess if someone can turn their body into diamonds or metal or ice, it’s possible to change into ice cream. Anyway, that is a really dumb power.

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