Baconsale Episode 49: Do You Even Sport, Bro?

What happens when you quiz a couple of movie geeks on sports trivia? You’re about to find out. It’s time for you to feel like a champion compared to Kent and Joel as they fumble around for the answers to a relatively simple sport-themed quiz created by our returning special guest, Mark. Jacob is there, too, as the smug scorekeeper who pretends that he knows all of the answers.

Press play and get your ringside seats, because our gloves are off, there are no holds barred and it comes down to the wire (those are sporty terms, right?) on this athletically challenged episode of Baconsale!

Also, this is your last chance to donate to the very worthy cause of sending Baconsale to meet Kate Beckinsale!

13 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 49: Do You Even Sport, Bro?

  1. I don’t have words for this podcast, it’s hilarious. So many cringing answers. You guys get so confident and your answers are just… oh man.. hahaha Also Big-12 is a better conference than the Pac-12?!…. Freakin’ cougar fans… Just bitter you’re stuck in independence, and quite possibly headed back to the Mountain West in the next 5 years. And MLS not a professional sport? A Utahn is saying that? ReAl Salt Lake is the most successful sports team that’s based in Utah and you’re saying they don’t play a professional sport? Ugh. You guys brought on a baseball loving Cougar fan… Booooo…. hahaha If Mark hadn’t started with Red-Butted Americans I might have voted for snow globe. Good job Mark! Despite our differences of opinion he did a good job. I still don’t get what the final score was but it was good.

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    1. If I understood sports, I would have a rebuttal for your comment. However, since I don’t, I’m just going to say that I’m glad you enjoyed this episode!

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      1. I did. I enjoy listening to you guys. Just moved from Utah to Michigan a month or so ago and I miss having chats over these kind of topics with my buddies all the time. Your podcasts have kind of replaced that for me so yeah, tell Jacob and Kent thanks for me.


  2. I am not a good red butted American.
    I could not name 5 Hockey Players. Just Wayne Gretzky
    Hattrick? – No clue
    # of teams – 32
    Nicknames – Sweet 16, elite 8, final four, championship (How about Top Two instead of CHampionship)
    How many #16 seeds have beat a #1 Seed? 6 (just a guess)
    (I like the choose your own adventure theme picking)
    Dream Team year? no clue
    Members of dream team? Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley
    Who was tournament MVP? Michael Jordan
    ESPN? Eastern SPorts Network
    Who is John Maden? Creator of the football video game.
    Who is Vin Scully? The Seagull from the Little Mermaid.
    Doctor Octopus? Bad guy from Spider-Man with 4 mechanical arms.

    Lightning Round
    1 – K= Knockout
    2 – Madden Curse= Can’t say cuz this is family friendly
    3 – Official NFL field = 120 yards
    4 – All time scoring Leader = Kobe Bryant
    5 – #2 scoring leader = Kobe Bryant

    Real or Fake
    San Jose Sharks – Real
    Boston Rebels – Fake
    Mighty Ducks – Real
    Sparks – Fake
    Whalers – Fake
    Magic – Real
    Texans – Real
    Banana Slugs – Real (too fake not to be real)
    Isotopes – Real (again too fake not to be real)
    Pitts Eagles – Fake (philadelphia)
    Vandals – Fake

    7th inning stretch – middle of 7th inning (I GOT IT!)
    2 songs during 7th inning stretch – Take me out to the ball game, and Casey at the Bat
    Sing Take me out – Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd, buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks, I don’t care if I ever get back, root root root for the home team, if they don’t win it’s a shame, cuz it’s one two three strikes you’re out at the old ball game.

    Players on Quidditch – 7
    Three balls – Snitch, quaffle, Bludger
    Snitch points – 500 points for capturing and you end the game.

    Curse of Bambino – No clue.
    Red Sox to Yankees – $ used for new uniforms
    Curse of Billy Goat – No idea.
    Curse lasts how long? 22 years

    Lightning round
    Full count – 2 strikes and 3 balls
    Chicago – Bulls, Bears, White Sox, Cubs
    Full COurt Press – All the team defends on the back court
    Time Limit of Baseball – None
    Longest Game of Baseball – 5 hours 13 minutes
    Magic Johnson’s Real Name – Irving Johnson

    Mighty Ducks – Fake
    Mighty Ducks 2 – Fake
    White Men Can’t Jump – Fake
    Hoosiers – Real
    For the Love of the Game – Real
    Caddy Shack – Fake
    Rocky – Fake
    8 men out – Real
    Friday Night Lights Movie- Fake
    Fri night TV shoe – Fake
    Cinderella Man – Real
    Bagger Vance – Fake

    Kevin Costner Movies – Dances With Wolves, Robin Hood

    Championship Round
    Reigning Champion of the league
    Major League Baseball – Yankees
    NBA – Lakers
    NBA MVP – ???
    Super Bowl – Broncos
    SuperBowl Loser – Saints
    MLS – Real Salt Lake
    College Football – UCLA
    Alabama – Crimson Tide

    Balls balls balls (family Friendly)
    Football – Pigskin
    Basketball – Rock
    Baseball – Bullet

    Bonus Question for you: Nickname for the brief case with the nuclear codes that the President always has nearby

    Explain Crane Kick – Raise both hands and hold pose to distract opponent with your hands. And raise one foot. Then jump and kick at the same time.

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      1. Perhaps, but you gained extra points for that summary. Very impressive! When you play along, you really play along!


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