Baconsale Episode 48: Best & Worst Superhero Casting

Instead of judging movies in this episode, Baconsale is judging casting directors…and each other. Kent and Joel have each created a list of the top five and bottom five superhero casting choices. Who does Joel think would make a good Catwoman? Does Kent like Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Superman? Does Jacob think that Nicholas Cage would have been the better choice? Press play and find out!

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21 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 48: Best & Worst Superhero Casting

  1. Alright I decided today to try and pull a CrewDutler and write more and give my opinions.

    Top 5 Casting Jobs

    5-Robert Downey Jr.-
    He made me like Iron man. I had comics of Iron man that my parents bought me when I was younger and I tried so hard to like that character. Iron man is terrible. The suit is awesome but honestly he’s just a jerk in the comics. R.D.J. made me like a character that I strongly disliked, and he deserves mad props.
    4- Andrew Garfield-
    Even though he wasn’t a hardcore nerd like Spiderman’s general backstory portrays, I felt like Andrew Garfield is the best Spiderman. I feel like the smart, kind, skater background fits spiderman more than the emo nerd with a pocket protector that Tobey Macguire portrayed. It’s sad he was cast in such a lackluster series, despite the short comings, Garfield and Emma Stone made me love the Amazing Spiderman movies.
    3- Chris Evans-
    When you can make Captain America decent to watch and I don’t cringe while watching it, it’s a major win. Captain America is really just kind of a dumb super hero. He’s fun an nostalgic because of the greatest generation ties but I never thought you could make me like Captain America. Chris Evans did and he’s the best of the Avenger characters right now.
    2- Patrick Stewart-
    The guy is Professor Xavier. This is really more of a shout out to the first Xmen I guess and what a great job (other than Storm and Toad) at casting they did in that movie. Patrick Stewart was the best.
    1- Heath Ledger-
    To be fair, I haven’t seen Christopher Reeves as Superman (I have a hard time taking anyone seriously in that ridiculous costume though, so happy they lost the red briefs for Man of Steel) but Heath Ledger is so good as the Joker his performance transcends the movie, everyone loved it not just comic book junkies. The Joker is the greatest Villain in comics, and Heath Ledger made the Dark Knight perhaps the greatest Batman movie there is.

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    1. That’s a good list you got there. Even though I disagree with some of your choices, I can respect your arguments. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Bottom 5-

    5-Tommy Lee Jones (two face)-
    You guys said it all. what a lousy job. He would have been great had he played it as his normal grumpy self. Instead we got… whatever that was.
    4- George Clooney (Batman)-
    Again you said it all. When you can take a character I love and make me hate it when you were trying to make something good, I’d guess your name was Michael Bay or you really just messed up.
    3- Jamie Fox (Electro)-
    One of my favorite villains in the comics… What the heck was this? They could have made a better character for Fox to play but instead they gave us this weird character that didn’t fit Fox and in all honesty I didn’t think fit Electro at all. I felt like the guy that played Sandman in Spiderman 3, backstory from that movie and all, would have been a better route. This was a terrible, terrible handling of the character.
    2- Maggie Gyllenhal/Katie Holmes (Rachel Dawes)-
    Blech. Just blech. Katie Holmes was ok and I get why they had to put Maggie Gyllenhal in but.. I never took either one seriously as Bruce Wayne’s love interest. I feel like they should have gotten Famke Jannsen as Rachel Dawes or someone like that. I was so happy when the Joker blew her up, they never could pull the character off and I’m glad I didn’t have to deal with her in another film.
    1- Topher Grace (Venom)
    Venom is the Joker of Spiderman, in my mind. He’s the best villain in the Spiderman universe and they totally messed up how they handled him in Spiderman 3. He’s a horror film monster and I so wanted them to take Spiderman three into a dark horror like world, similar to the Dark Knight. Instead we got that guy from that 70’s show… scrawny, whiny, and an overall pipsqueak. How were we supposed to believe he was this brawny bully from Peter’s past when he is so obnoxiously whimpy. Jake Gyllenhal would have been more believable, definitely. I’m sad that because of how terribly this went (and the fact they reboot the spiderman franchise every 3 years or so) we may never get to see this dark antagonist be put up against Spiderman in the way he should be.

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      1. She really did. In my mind she’s one of the most noticeable weak points in the films, especially Maggie Gyllenhal. I had a hard time with the switch from Katie Holmes. The character itself was hard for me because she’s kind of incapable of defending herself. She doesn’t really progress from Batman Begins to the Dark Knight and seems to always be in need of Batman or Harvey Dent to save her.

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    1. I totally agree with you on Maggie Gyllenhall. I didn’t mind Katie Holmes, but Maggie just is not good looking enough for Batman. Sorry Maggie – you just look tired all the time. I don’t know much about the Rachel Dawes character from comics or cartoons though.

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  3. Honorable mentions:
    Good: Hugh Jackman (Wolverine, shocked you guys didn’t mention him really), J.K. Simmons (Jameson), Jack Nicholson (Joker), Michael Fassbender (Best magneto yet), and Henry Cavill (Superman, made me take a superman movie seriously again.. also the guy that played Zod was fantastic)

    Bad: Not really specific people but I hate how the Mandarin was handled in Iron Man 3, Fantastic Four just sucks and if they never try to do it again it’ll be too soon, Halle Berry as storm honestly the character from the comics is a hard one to really pull off believably and has a ton of backstory that while mildly interesting is kind of a bore, Daredevil in general just lame they didn’t really do anything to make you want more daredevil which is sad because I thought they started it off really really well and then it fell flat after that.

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    1. Didn’t we give Hugh Jackman an honorable mention? I thought we did. Maybe that was during one of our coughing fits, so Kent cut it out.


      1. I listened to it twice (I know it sounds like I have a problem but it was a slow day at work) and you mentioned him but I don’t think either of you gave him an honorable mention. BTW you guys should be sick more often haha this episode was awesome.


  4. I did some research on the spiderman eyes after seeing the previews, and it is a mechanically operated eye opening somewhat like a camera lens. The webs are also mechanical like Amazing Spider-man instead of Toby McGuire wrist shooting. So, it may be that the lenses allow him to focus and were improved upon by Tony Stark.

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      1. Yeah, I wish it was Garfield too, but at the same time, I can’t believe they killed off Gwen like that. So, I thought it needed a reboot anyway. Here is how it should have ended: She should have been still alive after that fall, but seriously injured and the only way to save her was by figuring out the formula to use his blood as a healing agent. Then healed Gwen and at the same time turn her into Spider-Girl.

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      1. The voice kills me, especially with how built that Spiderman looked. He’s got the body of a man but the voice of a 12 year old. You were spot on with your impression.


      2. I’m intrigued by the eyes. They could work, or be a huge mistake. The cartoons and comics always allow for his eyes to be expressive. While I wouldn’t think that mechanical eyes would show happiness or fear or anger, I do think that they could widen to take in a bigger scene or narrow to focus on one person. They may help aim is web shooters.

        Look again. He actually doesn’t look all that beefed up.

        Remember he’s at least a high school junior whose body has been enhanced by spider dna. While he is cut, he doesn’t have the muscle mass of Thor, Captain America or even Hawkeye. Look at his legs, he is definitely skinny spider-man. Maybe not as skinny as Barry Allen in the Flash, but that is a teenager/young adult body.


  5. Worst Superhero Casting Decisions
    5 – Scarlet Johanson as Black Widow – Sure she’s great to look at but I can’t believe her as an acrobatic superhero.
    4 – Halle Berry as Storm and Catwoman
    3 – Natalie Portman as Jane Foster – Mostly cuz I don’t like that she thinks she’s too good for the Avengers now.
    2 – Kirstan Dunst as Mary Jane.
    1 – Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dr. Freeze. I wanted Patrick Stewart.

    Best Superhero Casting Decisions
    5 – Michael Rosenbaum – Lex Luthor from Smallville.
    4 – Robert Downey Jr. – Iron Man.
    3 – James McAvoy – Charles Xavier.
    2 – Heath Ledger as Joker.
    1 – Tom Hiddleston as Loki.

    Andrew is way better than Toby. Andrew Garfield was a great Spider-Man. Toby was good. I liked Toby as Spider-Man until I saw Andrew Garfield.

    I never really thought about casting decisions as the reason I did not like movies. I always thought of it more as a writing directing decisions over acting decisions.

    I’m with Kent. Amy Adams was a great Lois Lane.

    I do like Brandon Routh as Superman though. I thought he did much better as Clark Kent than Henry Cavil. I like Cavill too, but like you said, he isn’t too believable as a Clark Kent.

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    1. I can’t believe Michael Rosenbaum hasn’t gotten a chance to play Lex Luthor in a movie, he was great! I think he would have been a better choice than Jesse Eisenburg… Just saying.

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    2. Margot Kidder > Teri Hatcher > Kate Bosworth > Anyone Who Has Ever Played Lois Lane and Anyone Who Ever Will Play Lois Lane > Amy Adams


      1. In the cartoon series he was always a bald skinny smart professor in the mechanical freeze suit. Patrick Stewart would have been perfect. Mr. Freeze was supposed to be smart and tech savy, something that Arnold Schwarzenegger was not.


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