Baconsale Episode 42: Ranking Live-Action Disney (Part 1)

Let’s get together, yeah, yeah, yeah and talk about live-action Disney movies. From The Shaggy Dog to Cinderella, we’ve hand-selected a variety of non-animated Disney movies to discuss and put into tiers. On the way, we hit some detours regarding Kent’s disturbing upbringing and Joel’s obsession with nannies.

We couldn’t fit all of the live-action Disney films into one show, though, so we’re going to have to do a part 2 someday soon. So grab on to your bedknobs and your broomsticks, dig up Old Yeller and press play ’cause, it’s a jolly holiday with Baconsale!

7 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 42: Ranking Live-Action Disney (Part 1)

  1. I am totally agreeing with Kent for most of this episode. Flight of the Navigator – Tier 1. George of the Jungle – Tier 3. But I agree with Joel on Holes, it is Tier 1 (I can fix that) – It was fun, and they did a great adaptation of the book.


    1. Kent and I actually agreed a lot on this episode, too. I could be convinced that Flight of the Navigator is a tier 1. However, having watched George of the Jungle just last night with my kids, I’m still convinced it’s a Tier 1 movie.


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