Baconsale Episode 41: Buffy vs. X-Files

Prepare yourselves for a 90s sci-fi flashback on this episode of Baconsale! Kent teams up with the Scoobies and has chosen Buffy the Vampire Slayer as his champion. While Joel tries to open everyone’s eyes to the truth that The X-Files is the superior television show, despite what the government might tell you.

Pick a side! It’s vampires versus aliens, demons versus conspiracies and mini skirts versus pantsuits in this small screen showdown!

16 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 41: Buffy vs. X-Files

      1. I’m too busy with other things. I don’t have much time for tv watching these days, and X-Files isn’t something that excites me. (Buffy excites me even less).


  1. What do you have against Big Bang Theory? I enjoyed the series. I can’t watch it now because they don’t stream on Netflix or Hulu, but I’d pick the series up again if it did. I never watched Community. Maybe I’d like it, but it never intrigued me.


  2. Kent’s letting his teenage girl show a little bit. Funny that Kent mentions how he like Skinner… I did too in high school, but after re-watching the series, I really feel that Mitch Pileggi (Skinner) is a TERRIBLE actor and could only hang with the likes of the CW crew.

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    1. Skinner is a good actor when he’s in his comfort zone, which is the whisper-grumbling at Mulder and Scully behind a desk. Anything beyond that is a stretch for him.


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