Baconsale Episode 40: 2016 Prediction Smorgasbord

Look into the crystal ball. The boys of Baconsale will predict the future of pop culture for you. The results might be as foggy as a Magic 8 Ball, but you can always ask again later.

In this episode, Kent and Joel discuss what they’re looking forward to in 2016, and we make some predictions as well — some more ridiculous than others. We talk about movies, TV, video games, restaurants, celebrities and more. Be prepared, though, Jacob actually shows some emotion in this episode, which surprises all of us.

Crack open that fortune cookie and let’s see what’s in store for 2016!

10 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 40: 2016 Prediction Smorgasbord

  1. Does anyone think that Batman vs. Superman is really gonna be anything but a disappointment? Sorry it just screams money grab to me. The characters (especially Lex Luthor) just seem.. forced… Suicide squad is intriguing but it has the same kind of feel to me. Am I nuts?


  2. I literally didn’t know Galavant even existed until I heard it on here this morning. So… it’s like a Monty Python mixed with Community?


  3. I had not heard of Story of Your Life, but I do like Amy Adams and it sounds interesting, so thank you Kent for bringing in a movie that hasn’t had a lot of hype.

    I do have to say that as a red head, not all of us are vampires.

    I don’t mind that Rogue One puts Star Wars in it’s title. It’s part of the brand. I don’t think they are necessarily appealing to “slack jawed yokels” but more to regular people who don’t have a career where they can spend their days researching movies, reading articles and then get free tickets to advance screenings. By putting “A Star Wars Story” in its title, it allows a regular guy to knock off from work, pick up his wife and head down to the theater and make a decision about what they want to see based solely on the marquee. That’s not a slack jawed yokel, that is someone who isn’t a movie critic.

    I liked Hudsucker Proxy and True Grit, but I did not like Raising Arizona at all, and Hail Ceasar does not look like something I am going to enjoy.

    I am looking forward to all the superhero movies – Batman vs Superman; Capt America: Civil War; X-Men Apocalypse; Dr. Strange.

    I am interested in Cloverfield Lane.

    Idris Elba has six movies coming out in 2016. Of course some of those are voice parts (Finding Dory and Zootopia) but he will get some buzz from Star Trek? And Ellen will have him on for Finding Dory.

    I am not convinced in watching Galavant. I have not heard of it.

    I think Jacob needs to be fined for all of his family unfriendly remarks.

    As for hoping Pete’s Dragon fails so they stop remaking the classics, well I guess it worked with the turning rides into movies when the Haunted Mansion flopped. But it’s interesting that you are complaining that they are remaking Pete’s Dragon as a live action movie when the original was live action, only the dragon was animated.

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    1. I like the fine idea for Family Unfriendly remarks. Maybe if you have multiple infractions in an episode the perpetrator should have to record “incriminating audio” that the other two select for them.

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  4. I just looked up Stand Alone on Amazon, and does anyone else find it ironic to put “Volume 1” after a book title like “Stand Alone” . Or is that more of an oxymoron? Anyway, I’ll check it out.

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