BaconBit: Krampus Review

Baconsale is very excited to review the most anticipated film of December 2015! No, not that one. No, not that one, either. We’re reviewing Krampus! Remember Krampus? Krampus is the movie that Kent, Joel and Jacob have mentioned in every episode since September. It’s the story of a half-man, half-goat demon that terrorizes people who stop believing in Christmas. If that doesn’t fill you with the holiday spirit, what will?


Don’t worry if you haven’t seen Krampus yet – the first ten minutes are spoiler-free.


  1. crewdutler · December 10, 2015

    I’m not sure I care enough about Krampus to listen for 20 minutes. I have no intention of seeing it.


    • Joel · December 10, 2015

      You can always listen to the first 10 spoiler-free minutes and see if you care to listen to the rest.


      • crewdutler · December 11, 2015

        I listened to the whole baconbit. Still have no intention of seeing it. However, while I agree with Kent that Nightmare is a Halloween movie, I don’t get how he can call Krampus a Christmas movie. I guess my definition of Christmas movie is quite a bit more narrow. I think of Christmas movie as a movie you can watch with your grandma and your 6 year old with a cup of cocoa. Anyway, good baconbit, and I’m with Chadwick, I think you should do a quick synopsis of the movie at the beginning of the spoilerful section of your reviews.


  2. Chadwick · December 10, 2015

    Loved this, even though I have no intention of watching it I found it hilarious. I’ve listened to a couple reviews you guys have done and even the ones I haven’t seen I’ve found really entertaining. Random thought: maybe to help those of us that don’t know the plot and haven’t seen the show, maybe you should do a quick plot synopsis at the start of the spoiler-full section of these reviews. I probably won’t watch Krampus but I’d love hearing the basic gist of the story.

    A+, Tier-1, 5 star work by you guys, as always.

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    • Joel · December 12, 2015

      That’s a good idea. Giving a brief plot synopsis would help The Listener have better context for all the terrible stuff Jacob has to say.


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