Baconsale Episode 36: The Fight Before Christmas

What’s this? What’s this?
A Baconsale debate?
It is!
Will Kent unleash his hate?
Of course!
Which holiday can claim Tim Burton’s movie?
Hurry! Listen! Don’t be late!
Press play!

10 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 36: The Fight Before Christmas

  1. 1 – Joel, the fact that you said at the beginning of the show that you watch Nightmare Before Christmas any time of year is evidence that this is not a Christmas movie. Christmas movies can only be enjoyed at Christmas time.
    2 – The moral of the movie is the “true meaning of Halloween” not the true meaning of Christmas. Skellington was the “scrooge of Halloween” he didn’t like Halloween anymore. He wanted something new. He was bored with Halloween, and then he decides that he really does love Halloween!
    3 – You can’t have a horror movie in the Christmas genre. Christmas movies are family friendly.
    4 – He may have drawn inspiration from the Christmas claymation specials, but it sounds to me like the whole inspiration for this movie, from what your are teling me, was a desire to keep Christmas out of Halloween (store displays, etc) rather than make a Christmas movie.
    5 – Just because there are Christmas Elements does not make a movie a Christmas movie.
    6 – The Christmas Carol is not a Halloween movie because it is about the true meaning of Christmas. It’s about redemption and changing Scrooge from a hater of Christmas to a lover of Christmas, just like the Nightmare is about Skellington changing from hating Halloween to loving Halloween.
    7 – The whole movie is about Halloween, so of course you don’t need to “discuss” Halloween!!!
    8 – Jack saved Santa, so Jack saved Christmas not Santa. Scrooge ruined Christmas for the Cratchits, but then he saved Christmas for them at the end.
    9 – If this was a Christmas movie, Santa would have been able to help all those from Halloweentown to really feel the spirit of CHristmas, and teach Jack how to really be a good Santa. Instead, this was a movie about how Halloween should stay in it’s place in Halloween and be good at what they do.


      1. What it comes down to is that we have different definitions of Christmas movie. You have a very broad definition of Christmas movie. I don’t think that every movie that has Christmas in it is a Christmas movie. Harry Potter isn’t a Christmas movie (or series), and if it is associated with any holiday, it would be Halloween, except that Halloween is rarely mentioned, and Christmas is mentioned way more in the Harry Potter series than Halloween is. Basically, if you can watch a movie outside of December without feeling like there should be a pine tree covered in lights and ornaments in the same room as you, it isn’t a Christmas movie. Case in point, Die Hard. I know a lot of people think it is a Christmas movie, but you can easily watch die hard any other month of the year and enjoy it without feeling awkward. If you try watching A Christmas Story in July, it just feels awkward.


      2. Funny you should say that about Harry Potter, Drew, because we were just talking about how Harry Potter has the feel of a Christmas movie.


      3. Harry Potter has the “feel” of a Christmas movie, but it is not a Christmas movie. You can watch it at Christmas but it is not a Christmas movie. You can watch it any time of year. I only said that if it identifies with any holiday it would be Halloween, but it isn’t a Halloween movie either. Similarly, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, has Santa Claus in it, snow, and elves, but if it goes with any holiday, it should be Easter not Christmas, even though there is no mention of Easter Eggs, the Easter Bunny or jelly beans.


  2. Why was the Halloween town crew presented by Kent as if they were intentionally trying to ruin Christmas? It seemed to me they were trying really hard to do it right. This is a Christmas movie about Halloween characters following a leader on an existential crisis who wants to be Santa. If your main character is trying to distance himself from Halloween and emulate Santa and Christmas then, sorry, it’s not a Halloween movie, ITS A CHRISTMAS MOVIE.

    BTW can’t wait for the Krampus review.


    1. That’s how I feel! I don’t know why Kent kept saying that they were trying to ruin Christmas. He’s insane.
      Also, Krampus is coming sooner than you think. Krampus!


      1. Yeah he was pitching it like there was some nefarious scheme to destroy Christmas, which is totally not the way it was portrayed.


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