Baconsale Episode 37: Podcast Ye Merry Gentlemen

Do you hear what I hear? Baconsale is talking about Christmas music! From the classic folk songs we all know by heart, to the modern holiday cash grabs we wish we could forget, Joel and Kent pick a winner for each category and then defend their choice. Plus, unlike most of our other episodes, we play actual songs instead of just singing them ourselves! You’re welcome!

So warm up some hot cocoa, snuggle into your favorite blanket and just listen to the podcast roar, ’cause baby it’s cold outside.

5 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 37: Podcast Ye Merry Gentlemen

  1. Last Christmas is my number one worst song of all time in any category. That Swordfish Stevens guy is pretty good though. Nice hipster suggestion by Kent. This podcast made me realize I hate “an wonderful christmas”. What a terrible song.


  2. One of my favorite Christmas songs is the Bare Naked Ladies/Sarah McLachlan “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/We Three Kings” mash up. (I put this in my comment early on in the show – you finally mentioned it at the end)

    Non-Christmassy Christmas song – Dido’s “I will return for you on Christmas Day” Even though it says Christmas Day it is so non-Christmassy.

    I really love Christmas is All Around.

    Another of my favorite Christmas songs is “Go Tell it On the Mountain” by Garth Brooks.


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